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    continuous session band ASIA has formed

    stan this asia
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    Which visual kei trope would you ban?

    1.) Live limited release. It is archaic and need to be left behind in the age of streaming. Elitism won’t work these days. Sorryboutit. 2.) band name using all kinds of symbols and/or numbers that is not easy to pronounce. For obvious reason.
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    Yuuga topped this with naming a session "THE." .
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    that's already double the followers -OZ- had in japan, good for him
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    Are we getting less new bands? I don't think so. More like most of time if there's a news of a new band forming, that's all we'll ever know about them until someone does some digging to find out they disbanded few months later.
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    it's not just you & a number of people from noticeable projects retired/semi-retired over past few years, which contributes to the temporary (?) stagnation.
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    Personal thing that annoys me, not all bands do this but, fucking A/B/C/D types oh my fucking god. Please just release everything on a "master cd" too because only obsessed bangyas or rich fans (aka not me and most of my VK friends) buy all cd types. I already think I'm stupid for having bought two types of one cd a little while ago because I just wanted to see the making-of, which was a little dissapointing ngl. Besides I too think that the whole secretive part to VK is kinda stupid, there's nothing wrong about age, sexuality nor relationships. Seriously, in the west celebrities who are in a relationship get labelled as "goals" by their fans, but eastern celebrities like VK-artists and idols too get sooooo much hate for it??? I still really hate the Kiryu bangyas for having sent all those emails to Takemasa last year telling him to kill himself after they found out he was married. Also the YouTuber thing that's kinda happening to some bands, it's kinda fun, but only for the Japanese fans. I can barely follow any video because I just don't understand. Some video's can be funny if the video is obvious in what's happening like changing instruments or smth, but when they're just talking or eating, it's just... "Okay so do I just listen or what am I supposed to do?". I haven't seen many video's that actually have English subtitles, only a few, and a few on blogs with fan-made translations. Even then it's still kinda boring if you keep having to look away from the video to read the text on the blog.
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    Which visual kei trope would you ban?

    Live limited releases are probably the most annoying. Especially if there is no digital release.
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    Batsu is the best kebyou song imo, i hope they re record it like zaregoto, and kinda remix it a bit. I do like how raw batsu sounds though.
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    Funny that Loki was in Sugar and went on to form More. Also don’t forget D.
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    Which visual kei trope would you ban?

    Also make sure your band name is easy to Google. Don’t make it one letter or a super common word like “Sugar”
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    IMHO this is yet another the case of the "NOT HEAVY = HORRIBLE" tired trope, similar to what happened with DEZERT. And yes, while I was also expecting more, there's also a lot of raw good ideas here, that could definitely have used a couple months more to flourish. After Rijin there was Kidoairaku, so I'l treat it as what it is: a conceptual release, an experiment to further polish the identity they are looking for. highlights: What's Up?, Lament, MIST, Tick Tak, out of the darkness
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    Don't wanna support NAZARE but their bassist is a fucking fashion icon
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    random thoughts thread

    I have a theory and I call it: everyone has a number. Passed by some ardent sexual reformers today who were hellbent on proving that there was nothing wrong with having a high body count, but refused to divulge their own when I asked. Look, if you have a high body count and you know it clap your hands, but do not try to lead people down a path you aren't willing to tread yourself. Having a high body count (body count = number of sexual partners, if you got this far and didn't know what I meant) isn't inherently bad, but correlation implies causation. I haven't met a single person with over one hundred sexual partners who I didn't deem to be a sex addict, even including my best friend. I don't care how sexually open-minded you claim to be, but everyone has one. A limit, so to speak. The number of sexual partners from which the conversation changes from "ok cool no problem" to "that's a bit much" to "you need some psychiatric help". Some people have their number tuned exceptionally low, perhaps even single digits. Some people have an unbounded limit (that they haven't met yet). I know my limit is around 50 and I think that's reasonable. Said best friend from before is hovering around 70, and I think a few venereal diseases and some heartbreak changed his tune on sex. I got to thinking about Pebbles today, the name of a neighborhood entrepreneur who has done business with almost everyone in the hood (but me, and thank god for that), who I think legitimately classifies as sex addicted. Over 300 partners before the age of 20 (without getting pregnant somehow), disowned by her friends and family, bouncing literally from one dick to the next looking for some stability. It's cold out here today; wonder who's house she's in now. Most of the people that I know with a high body count are unhappy and ashamed of it, almost as if having constant, emotionless sex to fill a void isn't actually all that pleasurable. I was never sexually manic, but hearing these testimonies from multiple different people who don't know each other changed my opinion a lot. And I didn't even think that was possible.
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    I don't know, I think there's still a crazy high amount of bands forming constantly. At least I've always felt it kinda overwhelming, lol. I mean if you check the first few pages of the News subforum there are like a dozen newly formed bands within the past 3-4 months.
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    It's either that we're getting less newer bands or people in the overseas scene are simply digging less deeply & not reporting on every single session band / new band that forms and disbands a week later anymore
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    Judging by yesterday's Dir en grey show... They are more vkei than most vkei bands nowadays
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    1st release is now available
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    DIMLIM - MISC. [Discussion Thread]

    Considering the musical direction they took, it's so strange the absence of Bass. It has no presence in the mix, only some kind of " sub " very low sound behind every instruments. But man.. it's so groovy, the bass need to groove their. My first reaction with the first song was : ' it feels empty '. I hope they will find at least a new bassist and come back to a more emotional side
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    Sexuality matters within VK

    Make up boys are a recent trend in Japan, a lot of popular instagram/youtube guys are wearing (mostly minimal) make up and even doing tutorial for other boys but they 90% appeal to girls. In the US/Europe everyone would probably think you are gay but there is no such connotation in Japan. After all people who shave/trim their eyebrow/dye or perm their hair were considered gay in the western culture until few years ago but have been absolutely normal things for a straight guy in Japan for at leas 20 years. Weird hair color is a different issue, most people will look at you as weird or someone who hasn't a serious job, etc.
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    I'm having Tsuzuku/Genki Vietnam war flashbacks with this comment. I can't agree more. 😧😭😢
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    On this matter I would like to congratulate Gravity for making a point of being acknowledged as グラビティ↗↗楽しさ♪FULLVOLTAAAGE. I think they took this very seriously and I appreciate the effort.
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    Not really a trope, per say, but I want to enforce a strict rule that requires you look up a band name before you officially debut to ensure there aren't already 3423042042 other bands with the same name already.
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    DIMLIM - MISC. [Discussion Thread]

    Yeah this. You can sometimes hear Sho on the verge of going off the rails, but he can’t because it wouldn’t fit the music at all. It’s almost like he started to cut loose and Retsu was on the other side behind the sound board, wagging his finger.
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    Apparently the farm has an instagram and it's reaaally big. Also a fresh pic of Natsuki. https://www.instagram.com/sekine.farm
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    [tracklist] 01. 音無 (Otonashi) 02. カケチガイ (Kakechigai) 03. 激情 (Gekijou) 04. 白日 (Hakujitsu) 05. 雨音と憂鬱 (Amaoto to Yuuutsu) 06. お伽噺 (Otogibanashi) 07. 無垢 (Muku) 08. 「追憶」 (Tsuioku) 09. 蕾 (Tsubomi) 10. うたかた (Utakata) 11. ズタズタ (Zutazuta) 12. 絶望輪舞曲 (Zetsubou Rondo) 13. 焔 (Homura) 14. 芽生え (Mebae) DVD-01. 音無 (Otonashi) PV DVD-02. 絶望輪舞曲 (Zetsubou Rondo) PV
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    I would ban the trope of completely toning down your sound and visuals once you go major. Like... you actually got money now, why not go all out with the visuals and the music? Why the hell do you just start wearing less makeup and host-boy hair and playing generic pop rock the second you make more than 10 dollars? So many great bands have been lost to this trope
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    アンフィル (Anfiel) new live DVD "anfiel 5th Anniversary LIVE 「True & feel. 」@ebisu LIQUIDROOM" will be released at 2020/04/22 (5500yen) their new maxi-single (title not yet finalized) will be released at 2020/05/27
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    new band "ANONYMOUS" has formed

    new band "ANONYMOUS" will hold their first live at 2020/2/18. Vo.Nimo (ex-A-->THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S) Gu.タイゾ。 (Taizo) (ex-ZORO-->Kra) Ba.Ivy (ex-Grevious-->ポポロ (Poporo)-->Dio-->レミング (Remming)-->Moran-->LACK-CO.) Dr.大熊邦夫 (Ookuma Kunio) (ex-Lover Berry-->Ruvie-->My Hearts Breaking Even-->THE HEROES SYNDICATE-->REDMAN, also in WHITEHEAD) https://twitter.com/ANONYMOUS_NTIK
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    [REQ] Ayabie drama

    [[ Mod: I don't know exacly where to put this topic, because it's a request for drama lol ]] Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well. In this occasion I'd like to gather all about this band's awful story. Let's make a collection of this so dramatic drama. I still can't believe one of my first favorite bands underwent at least an absolutely disturbing change of members and styles (etc) from the leaving of Ryohei in 2006, which, to me, was a real shame and kept me out of the loop. That's one of the reasons I crave this drama so much now and want to learn your knowing of it, considering there are some sources, rumors and many reading material on internet as always. So what you know about it? - Just to begin :: Aoi in his blog in 2010: "Dear all, Firstly, I'm sorry that this message comes late. I had a vague understanding of them, but I couldn't coherently grasp my feelings at reading the others' announcements, so I couldn't put them into words. I just cried and cried. [...]"
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    The general Metal discussion thread

    What have you heard? This shit, man. One of the best fucking black thrash metal songs ever. Well, the entire album is an absolute beast of an album. Still super unique to this day, 23 years after it was still released.
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    On the plus side, that's less money to spend. Nice!
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    This album sounds like a weird hybrid of Dance Gavin Dance and (new) Bring me the Horizon
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    It's just you. Also, quality is the same: bad.
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    That they look like women. Man, I love the music but looking at artists sometimes and just see a bunch of gay looking dudes.
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    JACK+MW will disband

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    2 re recorded songs across 5 CDs. Great job.
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    Which visual kei trope would you ban?

    Shitty synth to cover up bad/lazy instrumentation
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    So, as I said in the news thread, math absolutely sucks. Bring back real Visual Kei! In all seriousness though the second half of the album is noticably stronger than the first, but overall I don't see myself giving too many of these tracks relistens. It has the same problem a lot of the other mathy bands cropping up all over the place these days have; their songs are serviceable but missing that extra something that makes them sound like more than the sum of their parts. Mathy music tends to have a lot more going on in terms of compositional complexity, sure, but that doesn't make it inherently more well-written. In this sense I think they've regressed a bit from CHEDOARA, so hopefully if they continue with this sound they'll at least rediscover some of those qualities. Also, can the vocalist stop sexually moaning for some guy called 'Richard' in out of the darkness please?
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    DIMLIM - MISC. [Discussion Thread]

    This feels like a forced transition into pop rock or whatever it is they're trying to go for, I was hoping for some mathy songs like whats up but I just ended up being disappointed with how boring the album is to me. Lots of creativity has been lost, they just sound like another j-indie band to me with this album.
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    If this is the sound they wanna go for moving forward then I'd like to think it's something theyll just keep getting better at with each new release. I know technically this isnt a new band or a debut album but that's kind of what it feels like (not in a bad way) and itll just take some time developing this new era of dimlim to reach their full potential. Unless of course they do another 180 with their sound in a year or two but I would like to see them move forward with what they went for in misc. My first impressions I'd probably give the album a 7/10 but I need to sit on this for a week at least before giving a proper score.
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    All these "electronic effects" are so extremly cringy and out of place / randomly thrown in like "i want to have these effects cause im so different now", I cant nearly listen to the song and feel constantly I want to skip to the next song. Also MIST might be the worst album opener I heard in a long time. What a waste of talent.
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    When i listened to this preview prior before checking out this thread i was wondering because the voice sounded very familiar... But gotta say this sound pretty good so far.
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    new band "ANONYMOUS" has formed

    Idk why, but this is an interesting group of members for me.
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