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  1. Lunavksteel

    he was my favorite band member
  2. Lunavksteel

    Kei the guitarist passed away recently. The cause of his death is unknown.
  3. Interesting....♥♥♥😍😍
  4. Lunavksteel

  5. Lunavksteel

    Mmmmm... No.
  6. Lunavksteel

    The DIMLIM concert in Chile is being re-organized. and the brazilian concert the same ... I'm not sure ... I only have friends in Chile who confirmed it for me.
  7. Lunavksteel

  8. Too bad, they always take repeated things ... hopefully they separate. They have no creativity to create new themes.💔
  9. Lunavksteel

    they look good😍😍
  10. Lunavksteel

    RAPUNZEL will have a revival. On May 13, the event will take place.
  11. Lunavksteel

    I hope to get that release.
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