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  1. Translation link is dead, because there were misunderstandings. Here's explanation what's really going on. Turns out Lime is just a drama queen and there's nothing to really worry about.
  2. Not a cool move, but not really a conditional disbandment either. 🤷‍♀️ This could backfire and leave a bad taste in people's mouth, tho.
  3. ShTon

    I like to check out members' history out of curiosity if I like the band. I found about a lot of bands I got to love this way. It's true that now past bands lists aren't as long, but it was never something I used to judge whenever a musician was good or bad. Just a fun thing to know two or more familiar faces were in one band at some point. xD
  4. Guy in green looks like he's been forced to do this. His face just SHOWS how happy he is to be a part of this band.
  5. ShTon

    I'm used to bad sound quality of mp3 files. Having something with 320 bitrate or more is nice, but sometimes all you can get is youtube audiorip. Sure I can kinda hear the difference but at 192kbps it still sounds like music even if kinda "dirty".
  6. ShTon

    Yup, he's not doing anything music-related, but he does have a Twitter. https://twitter.com/yusuke19850727
  7. ShTon

    That was really nice. 🐸 Gonna have a hard time googling them tho, lol.
  8. I'm kinda confused why Belle decided to get a second guitarist, but good for them.
  9. ShTon

    This really sucks. >_>
  10. ShTon

    You can now listen to "prayer" on streaming services~
  11. I'm not the one to complain about their recent output but yeah, this song is not good. : /
  12. ShTon

    Awww man. :/
  13. ShTon

    I just saw Lime's tweet mentioning this is not the new single look. It's still cool tho.
  14. ShTon

    I agree with everyone saying they saw that coming, tbh.
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