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  1. platy

    Made this topic so we could share our social media in one spot. You can find me on Instagram @saracura__ or discord platymelon#1731
  2. platy

    I'll be on from 7/8pm BST if any other EU folks wanna join me
  3. Malice Mizer has a really cute sound

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. cheesy_VK_Freak


      Gackt was exceptionally beautiful. I‘m sure he caught Manas attention back then. I love Klaha-era the most tho. My favorite song (especially in the winter:)


    3. fruitfork


      If you like their cutesy songs (I know I sure as hell do) one of my faves is 

      That bass solo sends me somewhere..

    4. Arkady


      This one doesn't have a MV but it's one of the cute ones.

      Here with Kamijo as vocalist:


  4. platy

    - April Fool's News Threads - Reading people's reactions when BABOO crashed into the scene with some bonafide baby-diaper-ageplay-kei goodness which they've now removed from youtube (crying), but you can remind yourself by checking out 3:05 here - A certain Italian Lady sharing her ghost stories and j-rocker related dreams - The never-ending search for Maria Cross' movies and kisaki nudes I haven't met as many people as some of the European folks, one time @WhirlingBlack and I *almost* went for drinks, I hope I can go to your club some day. I had the pleasure of hanging out with @monkeybanana4 at a couple of concerts and watching a hilarious shitty movie with @ghost I've made some really good memories here and hope to continue having laughs with some of you. I can't wait for teenage intellectuals and spiritual gurus to keep targeting whichever platforms we move onto 🙏
  5. A little bit of this And a little bit of that
  6. platy

    @cheesy_VK_Freak I agree with you, the manga art is ugly (although it has improved over time) and this is one of those rare times where the anime actually improves/elevates the manga. But literally not one discussion can be had without comments like this At the end of the day we're all enjoying the same thing and we're all getting hyped over the same story developments. Why is it such a boner inducing thing that you're ahead of some people by reading the manga? You want a cookie? I don't get it. I am super hyped for Sunday, it's what gets me through the week. The point of view shift, the backstories and now the reveal of the hobo. I can't wait to see shit hit the fan
  7. platy

    🙌 O show deve continuar
  8. platy

    NO! I was planning on watching it on Christmas Eve to get a festive mood going. I'm done, Yoshiki. I'm done.
  9. platy

    So the hero academia fandom is absolutely vile, but there's something worse. Hear me out.... Attack on Titan manga readers. Can you PLEASE type out ONE comment without saying that you have read the manga + a giving a random spoiler? thank you.
  10. https://forum.jrockone.com/ There's also a discord https://forum.jrockone.com/t/how-to-join-the-j-rock-one-discord-server/116
  11. After reading this I went to check Trembling Bambi and he's even released a bunch of richardland/8P-SB songs under the Trembling Bambi name. That's kind of weird. Not only has he been pumping stuff out in 2020, the production value is arguably way higher than Spell What happened? I thought they were in this together.
  12. this is what happens when you mess with the yakuza. ''I'm gonna ruin this guy's whole career'' and ruin it they did. I have hope that this is just temporary. It'll get better.
  13. platy

    What the cheesy freak said. Let's keep any personal dislikes towards others out of the thread. Lets has divided us enough already. People who are new in the community are still learning the ropes, try a little patience 😅
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