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  1. psychonnect_rozen

    That video is a gem lol
  2. psychonnect_rozen

    Whats a good CLOWD song or release to start with?
  3. psychonnect_rozen

    Well im not single anymore
  4. psychonnect_rozen

    Im refering to those "hur dur modern music sucks" kind of people not so much just in general.
  5. psychonnect_rozen

    So it’s been a while since I’ve checked out this topic. After months of this post being up, my opinions haven’t really changed that much to be honest. However, I think because most (not all) metal and rock fans despise pop all together, you obviously get a sort of superiority complex. So in short, I guess I don’t like K-Pop because of many reasons although musically, not too much but I don’t like how some of it is repetitive. It may sound ignorant but that’s just me I also think considering that K-Pop stans are at least to people EXTREMELY toxic is why people tend to stay away from it like myself. I know fandoms have shitty people but K-Pop I find is the more rabid kind. I also think many people avert it due to the industry and as repetitive as that opinion really is, you cannot blame people for not supporting it. It maybe just be me but I’m just annoyed by K-Pop honestly. But hey, what can you do
  6. Happy birthday and I Hope you have a nice day ☺️.

  7. Happy birthday, dude! Hope you have an awesome day~ 🎂

  8. Greiva is fucking sick. 

  9. psychonnect_rozen

    Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?!
  10. psychonnect_rozen

    What’s a good Greiva album or single to start with?
  11. psychonnect_rozen

    Mode of Kisou is awesome. Jessica live sounds fantastic
  12. psychonnect_rozen

    I was never a huge fan of Vulgar. In my humble opinion Wtd is better than Vulgar. Not that Vulgar is bad, it’s a great album and has some of my favourites on there but it never stuck with me as much as Wtd did. I’d take TIW over Arche any day 🤷🏻‍♀️ DSS really was the album that got me hooked on Diru’s heavy stuff Imo
  13. psychonnect_rozen

    I know people don't like this guy's new stuff but this song slaps and is catchy af
  14. psychonnect_rozen

    Yall better stop with the Kisou hate I swear
  15. psychonnect_rozen

    I don’t dislike any of Diru’s albums as all of them are fantastic in their own right. For me it would be (Best To Worst) Gauze tied with Withering to death DSS Kisou Uroboros The Insulated World Vulgar Macabre Arche The Marrow of A Bone
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