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  2. Kaleidoscope

    Instagram: @gaztrea_kal Twitter: @Kal12012 Last.fm: Kal12012
  3. zombieparadise

    Congratulations on being the last member, ever, OP!
  4. Hindy Junior

    Gente Agora que fiquei sabendo do fim do MH faz tempo que não apareço aqui no grupo. Vou sentir saudade tbm. Vou migrar pro JR one E espero encontrar alguns de vcs por la pra ser mais ativo nas conversas. ^^
  5. futoshi92

    Oh come on, mate, that's not a right thread to keep going on about it. Especially during MH's final hours 🤨
  6. Keiyuh

    How the hell did my comment get deleted? Now people will think I removed it
  7. Going to miss this incredible community and hub for all things J-rock. Hoping the VK scene won't fragment into obscurity after this site is gone... 😧

  8. futoshi92

    Holly molly, your 3D art is so neat! I've myself started learning 3D modelling in Blender and implementing it to Unreal Engine. And I already can feel how much skill and software knowledge it requires! Keep it up and hope to see more of your art
  9. futoshi92

    My summary of 2020, just as the title says Template made by me btw My art resolutions for 2021 are: get better at dynamic poses improve at complex backgrounds draw more pictures with at least 2 characters make more heavy metal and visual kei themed art
  10. inartistic

    I'll continue updating vk.gy, so be sure to join us there. You can also find vkgy on Twitter @vkgy_ and on Discord: https://discord.gg/jw8jzXn Personal accounts (feel free to add me on any of these): Twitter: @iinartistic Instagram: @iinartistic Discord: inartistic#1273
  11. futoshi92

    Not really right now, but eagerly awaiting for Hitman 3
  12. Karma’s Hat

    what's up everybody -----
  13. Serox

    Is a honor for me to read my nickname here... and I want to thank you and @inartistic so much for talk with me on twitter and trade some comment on something between us, I know that sometime I being a bit "boring" but i like to share my visual-thought with you! I hope that we never lose and continue to share our thoughts! I've never met anyone personally but I can't deny that I've expanded my culture on visual-kei on this forum, read various opinions and thought about everything, you're great! Thanks for everything ^^ / <3
  14. Yukimoto

    @colorful人生 I too had some wondaful experiences with pretty much everyone you mentioned haha! i feel like we were all one and the same and had a lot of joyous times on this forum. The forum maybe coming to an end, but there is still J-rock one and so much more so we can always still keep in touch and enjoy each others time doing what we love. So I happpy I met you and some of the other people when I came to this forum ^^
  15. Seelentau

    glad I was wrong "Oboro" means "haziness" btw.
  16. colorful人生

    Since all the memes are being mentioned again, I guess I'll "come clean" =P and add some of my own thoughts. I was Harambe, Ditto, and Saishuuuu. Even during times when I found myself occupied with other stuff in my life, I couldn't help myself from memeposting on the forum. Moving on, there was always this pervasive cynicism creep that became really obvious during release dry spells which would lead to reddit-posting and oddball topics. While a bit annoying in retrospect, the discussions were always fun to some degree, whether I was participating or just observing the chaos. // Honorable Mentions: @hiroki @Mihenno @JRD @platy @chemicalpictures @nostalgia @Jun_ @CAT5 @paradoxal @Tetora @Yukimoto @Pretsy @Raburr7 @ricchubunny @fitear1590 @Karma’s Hat @suji @Gesu @kyoselflove @yakihiko I mean the list goes on, but some of the many individuals on the forum I had pleasant experiences with. @Raburr7 and I have had a back-and-forth since March of 2013 trading music and whatnot, and got brief glimpses into what he was doing in his life the past 6~ish years. @hiroki @Mihenno @paradoxal With the occasional other individual(s) (sorry if I've forgotten), we would have dubtrack.fm sessions in the host-kei room, which upon reflection were really cathartic for me. They were always really fun. On a related note, @hiroki for several months straight met up with me nearly every day (if I recall) on that same Dubtrack channel to discuss music, life, etc. Unknowingly, you helped me through one of the more uncertain periods of my life. I can't thank you enough.
  17. colorful人生

    Discord: colorful人生#5526 (Just made the acc.) Instagram: dan (@colorfuljinsei) Discogs: colorful.jinsei Last.fm: colorfuljinsei
  18. futoshi92

    Something tells me the upcoming single will have vibes like in Uroboros or Arche. I've written an observation about that a lot of pages back, that Dir en Grey has been releasing heavier and lighter albums in turns.
  19. EzraEroguro

    This one. For all time, I'll remember this place, and this song will light up the way to these memories. To me, 15 years ago, discovering this music, and falling in love with the fandom, and these places... ...good bye.
  20. EvilHippy

    New single this spring
  21. futoshi92

    Not always though We all were binging a lot back when DSS was coming out, that's my favoutire memory from this thread! 😀
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