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    vkgy latest interview, with a famous vkei writer! Also I worked hard on this one so it's a cross post with JROCKNROLL Nagasawa Tomonori (長澤智典) is a music journalist of note, having written for most major visual kei magazines and bands. We had the chance to ask him questions over several weeks, and so we explore his career, and his decades-long view of visual kei from the inside. Choose your favorite platform vkgy or jrocknroll If there are people who still have any questions about the "visual kei" history, we can do another round So if you do have any questions, throw them to me and I'll will ask them!
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    Unpopular Opinion

    Oooh boy, well you clearly don't like me and probably find me to be grating and a jerk, although I feel like you'd use some more colorful language. I guess all I have to say to your diatribe is some wise words from Andy Black. We don't have to talk We don't have to dance We don't have to smile We don't have to make friends It's so nice to meet you Let's never meet again 😊🖖
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    Unpopular Opinion

    @secret_no_03 The whole discussion about the necessity or estrategy of whether a centred or winged political position could be interesting at some point, but the actual scandalous way that you've constantly showed at the moment of bringing up serious stuff like a raging teeanger makes you no more different from the "SJWs" that you love to blame to, with all the generalizing, fanatic, ilogic and rude behaviour over it. Although considering "their" failures, at least they comitted (along other forces) to bring a 5% of decent media representation to lots of mislabeled 'minorities', among other stuff. Btw, I said "ilogic", because I obviously can't pass over the fact that while you are blaming, let's say, "gender-non-conforming lifestyles" for instance, at the same time you speak out all your words of admiration over the work of transvestite underground musicians and discuss about weird porn and sex practices that are very far from the standards for sexuality that your self-proclaimed 'liberal' messiahs share. Perhaps I could have more respect for your opinion if you were more consistent, that is, instead of talking out that 'schizophreniac', you could show your whole disrespect for these topics arguing from, for example, a conservative vision over sex and gender, and consider Közi a sick dude with 'gender dysphoria' (if that ever existed), or the fellows at the Sex/porn thread to need 'God' in their lives, whatsoever... I mean, have you ever, EVER, considered what the authors you cite here supporting your delusional 'free-speech' ideas would think about your hobbies or sexual interests? Sometimes I doubt I you are not more than a bored troll just trying to reach attention from people really concerned about these matters, because reading you is REALLY hillarious... MH was really a different place before you started your whole rant waterfall in every corner of it...
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    Unpopular Opinion

    Everything you said is true, except for the LGBT identitarions and them going nuts if you say that there are two genders, don't give them what they want whether it's calling them by whatever pronoun they want or what they identify as. It's funny how people so anti-free speech are so fascist when it comes to pushing their believes on others. I'm sorry, but I don't have to adhere to your crazy doctrine because you have body dysmorphia or some other personal problem. 🙄
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    The tanuki pic thread

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    Unpopular Opinion

    Pewdiepie isn’t that funny and his fanbase is extremely annoying
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    Unpopular Opinion

    Marvel hasn't done a good movie since X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) apart from the X-Men installment itself and Wolverine. The entire Marvel Cinematic Universe is pandering so heavily towards the millenial meme-generation with its constant usage of comic relief, 4th wall breaking and lightheartedness, and has little respect for the original comics. I'll take DC over Marvel any day.
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    Visual kei among friends

    To be honest, I have gotten more friends, although most of them being in their 40s or 50s, in real life for being a fan of Loudness and EZO than VK ever did for me. However, VK did manage to snag me my boyfriend of 15+ years. It's hilarious to tell people that we started to date because I had pictures of Dir en grey and Malice Mizer hanging in my locker in the 8th grade and my SO overreacted when he noticed because he was a closeted VK fan and thought he would never find another VK fan in our tiny, country bumpkin town. We ended up getting a lot of our close friends into VK during high school, but I'm pretty sure most of them don't listen to anything related to VK anymore.
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    Mamo from R-shitei being homophobic

    Seems like he deleted those comments and posted some kind of apology (correct me if i'm wrong)? If you can't hold onto your edge, don't bother posting it coward lol
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    If it's for cd related terms 無料配布 muryou haifu: free distributed (live or store) 会場限定 kaijou gentei: live limited (usually sold for a price, live distributed releases are usually called just muryou haifu) 配信(限定) haishin (gentei): digital release (only) 初回限定盤 shokai genteiban: first press limited edition 通常盤 tsuujouban: regular edition 会場限定盤 kaijougenteiban: limited edition sold at live venues 通販限定 tsuuhan gentei: mailorder only 完全限定生 kanzen gentei seisan: limited editions that are not going to be reissued (usually limited to a certain number of copies) 先行発売 senkou hatsubai: an item that is sold earlier than the official release date (usually at a special concert) ファンクラブ限定 fankurabu gentei: fanclub only 予約限定 yoyaku gentei: reservation only 期間限定 kikan gentei: available for a limited period of time 再録 sairoku: re-recorded リマスター rimasutaa: remastered オリジナル特典 orijinaru tokuten: original bonus item (like comment DVDs or free goods for buying at a certain store) This is all I could think of but please let me know if you need more.
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    VK and Kpop....why?

    i saw a tumblr post addressing this recently as a lot of the fandom are converting their visual blogs to kpop ones. the point they brought up was that its a shame to go from a subculture with so much fun and individuality to a genre with one set ideal of beauty, talent and composition. its fucking true--where else you find bands like buglug, keel, DIV, pentagon, avelcain, DADAROMA, DOF, grieva, gazette and MORE basically all operating under the same label of "visual kei" but with incredible differences in sound and image? from metal to pop to alt rock to jazz to dance rock/electronic its all represented in the current scene. from what i understand, kpop isn't all one genre but its nowhere near the level you see in visual kei. in that respect its hard to compare the two, but either way its sad to see ex-visual fans become huge kpop stans where all the boys and girls look, dress, rap and sing the same with the same cute squeaky clean image. like come on, raise ur freak flag with pride go look like a visual idiot its better than being like allllllll the rest of 'em
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    Guys, GACKT did it again, I'm crying 🤣
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    Unpopular Opinion

    Japanese female cosplay is generally a lot more fun, cute and wholesome whereas American female cosplay is generally sluttier and more based around sex appeal. It says a lot about the way women carry themselves in Japan versus America.
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    Unpopular Opinion

    America would be amazing and turn it all around overnight if it adopted every Japanese law.* *It'll never happen and I consider this under the grounds of social engineering and not politics, or well, MAGIC since it'd never happen, but talk about a utopia.
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    Unpopular Opinion

    imagine thinking queer people are pushing their beliefs on you bc they’re asking for basic respect and to be left alone about it.
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    Unpopular Opinion

    Bacon is gross Ice Cream Cake is better than Regular Cake I like Sword Art Online hehe
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    The Biggest WTF moments In Jrock

    2 nudies nsfw Miku's nude- someone was nyappy *bum bum tiss* 8D
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