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    Naziploitation in Visual-kei

    the only other genre i know of that has an abundance of ambiguous nazism is black metal, and it's funny to think that it shares that in common with squeaky-clean azn femboy pop-rock
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    Naziploitation in Visual-kei

    I wish I could find this picture right now, but when Chanty popped up on the scene they did it with blackface. That's what turned me off the band entirely. But did they mean anything with it? Probably not, because they live in a pretty homogeneous country and they don't have the cultural conditioning to understand why it is wrong. I would say they lack that conditioning so much, it wraps around the continuum and becomes something so foreign to them that it's not even shocking. Does that make any sense? I agree with some of the points you made, but not with the conclusion. People do edgy shit all the time for attention. That doesn't mean they actually believe what they're doing. Visual kei bands appropriated nazi imagery years ago, but that doesn't mean they are automatically all neo nazis. Most bands have never appropriated this imagery, so by your logic most bands aren't neo nazis! We're going to need Akane-level outbursts on twitter saying they hate gays, jews, and blacks, or lyrics or interviews that say as much, before I would be willing to point to a band member and say "yep, that's a neo nazi right there". If you wish to educate us some more, exactly who is it that you are thinking of and what proof do you have? Proof is the coin of the realm here on MH.
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    Naziploitation in Visual-kei

    ganguro ao sakurai
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    You dont seem to have the slighest idea of what Nazism was, is and will be. You really should read something!!! First, deniying the Holocaust is EXACTLY what neo nazis do. And Visual Kei Artists, do so, as posted by the japanese guy that lives in germany. Second, IMPERIAL JAPAN WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT ALLY OF GERMANY AND THE WHOLE AXIS IN WW II BESIDES ITALY !!!! How do you not know this???!! THE ALLIES threw 2 NUCLEAR BOMBS to japanese cities full of people. Third: Swastika is originally indo-aryan (vedic) symbol, before it became buddhist, iranic (scythian) and Pagan (european) symbol. Visual Kei artists are secretly neo-nazis, and they are angry at ex-communist and ex-allies countries. Is this good or bad? well, depends of who you ask. Same goes for capitalists/communists.
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