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    This breaks my heart and I didn't know about it until now. If you wanna keep in touch with me or see me write stupid shit; follow me @nameinbiography at Twitter. I'm gonna miss the last 14 years we had together. I answer dms and questions, I'm not mean or intimidating. Hope to see some of you guys, if not, then this is my last goodbye to you. Love you all and take care. You've all been such wonderful people over the years.
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    Soanプロジェクトwith手鞠 (Soan Project with Temari) new digital single "不確かな浄白と不可視下の静寂" (Futashikana Innocent to Fukashika no Silent) has been released at 2020/06/01
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    Hello! I have copy number 14 of the DVD. It contains a concert, but actually much more. Two PVs (Fleur and ROMANCIA), the Fleur is much better then the VHS release we only have, it contains many many pictures in a slideshow that were released nowhere else, over 100. It also contains a slideshow of lots of unseen concert footage, but with just a song over it. And it contains excerpts of yet another major era concert, with about 15 seconds per song, it has Billet in that! The only live Billet footage there is. This DVD just shows as a love letter how much love KAMIJO has for his fans, he didn't have money to print any more copies probably, because he had to print more compilation CDs at that time like Imperial Concerto, but it's still a big love letter. Good news, I PUT A PART OF IT ON YT!! Share it like widefire guys. But I love this DVD so much, it's my favourite part of my collection besides their 1st demo tape (100 limited), and I want it to keep it's huge value among collectors, being sold for 100s the rare times it shows up, so I'm not going to put anymore online. BUT I'm going to make an entry of this DVD in Discogs with a detailed tracklist guys I'm already doing a lot for the fanbase by giving info and that one vid, cus there's litirally NO info at all about this at all on the internet besides the Puresound entry. Oh yes, if you have this DVD, YA BETTER NOT SHARE IT TOO It must stay valuable. And OMG I read your long post about their disbandment! This made me sooo sad.... I already knew some of this but not with this much detail! I always knew LAREINE had so much love for each other and their fans, even though I hear people sometimes say KAMIJO is an asshole. Or even a few posts before that they didn't like each other LOL. APPLAUSE RECORDS was the only reason why LAREINE could still make music, I'm so grateful KAMIJO made it when he still had money in Fierte era. And their late era music has so much gems! Imperial Concerto, Sakura, Drama, 愛されていた日々-Ever Love-, 月の狩人, basically the whole Winter Romantic EP, but there's a lot of just good and some decent tracks too so that's why people think it. But I've listened to NEVER CAGE and Imperial Concerto sooo much times, hundreds that I love it all hahaha. Only 眠れぬ恋は真珠 I actively dislike and avoid. It might be one of the worst LAREINE songs ever lol. I didn't know they actually COULDN'T find a drummer, that's soo sad! 😢 Also almost ALL releases of LAREINE after 2003 are expensive ASF and rare and rarely show up: NEVER CAGE, the main album of that time is rare, the three versions are all three rare, normal, Deluxe and Limited... The main singles: Trailer, Sakura, Drama and Sakura -Second Season-, 雪恋詩, 道化師の舞曲 and Cinderella Fantasy are rare too! It's exeptional that these are on puresound at the moment actually, they're KINDAAA overpriced, but are still expensive items. And let's not talk about Best Album Ballad and Fleur, Imperial Concerto, Winter Romantic, Deep Forest, 白蝶 and 女王という名の貴公子 that are each worth over 100.... A prime example of releasing REALLY GOOD music on limited batches of prints. They actually also had a revival of the Fleur fanclub magazine in 2004 that had a few issues, these seem to be so rare that I've never ever seem them on sale. Heck, even the Fleur magazines from the major era BARELY go on sale... I'm dreaming of ever seeing a Bara wa live performance, question: Did they perform this and Billet in their late era concerts? Or songs like ピンクの傘 and パリは秋色 from Fierte, two of my favourites and sooo underrated. Sadly these four are not on the THE LAST OF ROMANCE I DVD main concert. And some good info: I'm working on a huge LAREINE fansite! With scans of every release booklet, a full discography AND miscellanous items like the many many message CD/VHS/Tapes, lots of information, magazine and book scans! It's sitll in early stages so no link yet, but I will make a topic and a new LAREINE thread here (this one's from 2007 lol) when it's close to done and presentable! Using a paid domain and a very good Wordpress theme with many plugins. I think I am very fitted to make the website since I own almost every item ever except the FC magazines that I barely own. Inertla thank you so much for your post!! Can I use info of it in my site? I will credit you! This might also be my favourite post on this whole site lol! Bye Also if anyone is wondering why Reine de fleur I and II sound so weird, it's because it's a compilation of pre-BLUE ROMANCE LAREINE except for Detest Off Doll and a version of Féerie. KAMIJO's voice was completely untrained in some of the songs on it. When I first started listening and downloaded Reine de fleur I and II I was also very confused by this LOL. I put on 季節風 and Dir en gray at random and was like "WTF??" lol
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