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  1. Serox

    Is a honor for me to read my nickname here... and I want to thank you and @inartistic so much for talk with me on twitter and trade some comment on something between us, I know that sometime I being a bit "boring" but i like to share my visual-thought with you! I hope that we never lose and continue to share our thoughts! I've never met anyone personally but I can't deny that I've expanded my culture on visual-kei on this forum, read various opinions and thought about everything, you're great! Thanks for everything ^^ / <3
  2. Serox

    Yes... at the end of the tweet they said "※完全会場限定" (※Limited To The Venue) Look, i follow so much their tweet and see every announce of them, they start so SLOWLY but we can't say anything because they are completely new on the scene (nobody of them had a band in the past and the only thing that they do is make session band with other guys and play cover), I believe that hey have potential but I also see that they want to test the ground very well, the event in february I think is only the start (it is remarkable to see how bands like UNDEUX, Scarlet Valse and SHIVA will make an appearance at this event, I am sure they will help fill the place), for now DazzlingBAD will only make appearance as O.A (Opening Act) to the event and perform for 20 minutes, they don't have a label that can sponsors them and so I guess it's all a bit more difficult to put into practice, let's hope they have a positive response from the public and can release interesting stuff...
  3. Serox

    DazzlingBAD will host their first event "HATE The Party『BAD birthday~Camera Obscure』" on 02/23/2021 at Ikebukuro Black Hole! The bands that will participate are : - DazzlingBAD - SHIVA - Scarlet Valse - アンドゥー (UNDEUX) - ジグソウ (Jigsaw) - 鐘ト銃声 (Kaneto) Furthermore, the band remembers the release date of their 1st single which will be released the same day
  4. Serox

    There is an announcement at 24:00 (Japanese Time) on Twitter official account of DazzlingBAD. (https://twitter.com/DazzlingBAD_)
  5. Serox

    Through their Twitter account, DEXCORE announces the departure of the bassist TO-RU after their live on December 28th at Nagoya Electric LadyLand. https://dexcore.jp/news/2349/
  6. Sujk (Ex-Deluhi -> Far East Dizain) ❤️ he can't choose a better drummer for this project!
  7. ooooh s**t, I didn't think there were worse productions than Starwave Records.
  8. The staff of Ikebukuro CYBER communicates via twitter that the facility will be permanently closed. PS : I'm Shocked... first Takadanobaba AREA, now this... 2020 move to finish!!! T_T
  9. Serox

    This is damn true, even if before the O-West there is "Shibuya WWW" (which can hold up to 500 people) the O-West have a capacity of 600 people.
  10. Excuse me if I correct you but Kei is not the guitarist of the Wagakki Band, he participated as a guitarist in the solo project of Asa (Bassist of Wagakki Band) after all Kei has always been a support guitarist for many bands, one that comes to mind is Wing Works.
  11. Serox

    Misui are really promising, in some songs I can hear a bit of Ryu "MoNoLiTh Style" and I love it!
  12. In my personal opinion, Kizu are not acting in this way for "lack of money" as some users already said in this topic, there are many bands much less famous than them who try in every way to perform even in front of 30 people just to continue their business and raise money, there are also those who organize live-streaming, for example Kaya often organizes paid live-streaming on Twitcasting where he performs without audience, a few days ago I saw Schwarz Stein concert where there were about 100 people (numbered seats and half the capacity that Shibuya REX can have) and they doubled their financial income among the people who watched the concert at the Shibuya REX and among those who watched it at home sitting comfortably, without going out at home (the concert could be easily seen all over the world), if many bands adopted this strategy I am sure many could earn and well, it is known that many bands have more fans outside of Japan than in the territory itself. Going back to Kizu I think that the bond between the band members is a bit "frozen" and now they have some difficulty to producing new music and seeing each other again on stage together, I could be wrong but this is my opinion...
  13. From their respective accounts, the vocalist Chisei, the guitarist Reona and the bassist May announced that they are leaving Megido, leaving guitarist Miya as the only active member. No reasons were released. Megido official twitter : https://twitter.com/megido_666
  14. Serox

    Magistina Saga is one of the most anonymous Starwave Records bands around, they have been active for 10 years and have never been able to grow or otherwise stand out along with bands a little "big", how many fans do they currently have...? despite this they always manage to churn out new CDs, DVDs and events, incredible.
  15. Serox

    Otomo Rui is Ex-薔薇の宮殿 (Palace OF The Roses)
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