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  1. crucifiction

    Lol, far from it unfortunately.
  2. crucifiction

    Tbh it's impossible to choose just 5 but... in no particular order: Crucifixion (and in general melodic, oldschool sounding vk) Amethystium Within Temptation (their pre-Hydra stuff) ColdWorld Secret Garden
  3. crucifiction

    Got some new Crucifixion boiz
  4. @Chell, let me recommend you some other Polish bands worth trying out: Abraxas Quidam Egrimonia Riverside Circle of Bards Beltaine Svann (side project of Abraxas' members, featuring Anja from Closterkeller) Madame
  5. crucifiction

    I have approx. 900 releases (don't really have the time to count the ones that are yet to be added to my Discogs profile, sorry :P): mostly CDs, some tapes and LPs. Both Japanese and non-Japanese.
  6. crucifiction

    KISAKI's lucky bag FerrisWheeL - 廻想ルナシエル En:nesia - 蠱惑 Javelin - 忘れ雪 Zephyr - St.Memories Avenue Celia'xeno x フィオーレ - 妖怪蝶上大決戦 méffist - BIRTH of DEVIL Forestier - 魍魎ノ箱 + some Marvelous Cruelty
  7. They updated the description, mail orders are eligible for this offer as well:
  8. crucifiction

    Scrobbling isn't recording. Last.fm uses data such as the length of a song, it doesn't analyze the content itself in any way.
  9. crucifiction

    Delayed due to COVID-19...
  10. crucifiction

    Basically anything that contains music - CDs, tapes, DVDs, VHSes etc. I occasionally buy T-shirts as well but I don't care at all about stuff like cheki, towels, etc.
  11. crucifiction

    I've been into VK for more than 15 years now and what I find most common when it comes to people loosing their interest in the scene stems from what has drawn them to it in the first place. From my experience, people that started "listening" to vk bands mainly for the looks and - supposedly - to feel "unique" simply grew out of it, adding up to your regular "it was just a phase" stereotype. On the other hand, the ones that, instead of drooling over bandomen pics, actually did focus on the music itself, listen to visual bands to this day. The other thing, that has already been mentioned, is that some people fix their taste on one particular type of music/scene, not willing to discover anything outside of this "bubble". This can often lead to getting fed up with it which later results in them trying to find an alternative stimulator... which they are most likely going to be tired of in a few years as well. As for me, I see no reason why I would ever stop enjoying the music and visuals that I used to in the past. When something is good, it's just... good, it's not going to magically change over the years.
  12. Hello!

    May I send you a short PM to ask you about a TGioM related thing, please? (messager tells me you cannot receive messages, maybe your messager is full?)

    1. crucifiction




      Sure thing! I made some space there so feel free to send me a PM : )

  13. crucifiction

    ガラス lyrics: Yukari / music: Yukari 壊された夢 届かない声 渇いた空気の中で 変わらぬ想い 溢れる涙 閉じ込めてしまえるなら 微笑んだキミ 色褪せた夢 戻せない時の流れ 傷ついた羽を休め 傷ついた夢に抱かれ 傷ついた時の中で ひび割れたキミを見つめてる キミを抱きしめていても きっと壊れてしまうから キミはガラス玉の中 そっと眠り夢を見る キミを抱きしめていても きっと壊れてしまうだろう キミはガラス玉の中 いっそ壊してしまいたい
  14. crucifiction

    Gosh, I've just realized that you wanted lyrics to "Two", not "You" XD Sorry! I can provide you with lyrics to 'Glass' tomorrow.
  15. crucifiction

    You 止まらない想いに溺れ 彷徨っていた 壊れていく記憶はすべて 忘れていた 戸惑いも知らずに 夢の中まどろみ 痛みさえ解らず 瞳を閉じていた 壊れてた砂時計 記憶の破片 同じ夢の中で 出会った二人 貴女だけにこの想い博えたい 鍵れあう心戻せない時間 いつまでも… 変われない二人が求めていた 温もり 探していた想いが 時を刻んでいた 壊れてた砂時計 記憶の破片. 同じ夢の中で 会えない二人 貴女だけにこの想い伝えたい 貴女だけにこの時を届けたい 貴女だけにこの想い博えたい Taken from the booklet of KALEIDOSCOPE.
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