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Found 3 results

  1. Total Saikou

    This question has been bouncing around in my head lately. As a small and very dedicated fanbase in an inherently alternative counter-culture, it’s natural that people aren’t particularly drawn into VK as much as say Kpop or Alternative [Western] Rock. That being said, I’m curious about one thing that all fandoms experience: turnover rates. A while back, I stumbled on a Last.fm profile that said we were super compatible, but all their top artists in the last year were Kpop and [Western] Metal so I was really confused. That is until I went to all-time and noticed that our charts and top artists were so identical we might’ve been the same person. So then I wondered; when will that happen? That is, my turnover. When will I stop loving VK and go for the next best thing (whatever that may be to me)? So that leads me to wonder what you guys think the fan turnover rate is. If you want my two cents, it seems pretty high to me judging by the amount of Last.fm profiles that’ve moved on from VK to Goth, Metal, or Kpop. Something like 60%-70%. The time span, to me, is trickier to tell. I guess it depends on the person, though. I’ve seen some people (mostly on Instagram) go from being VK fans to Kpop Stans in real time, the process took about 6 months-ish? I’ve also seen some people who leave after 5-7 full years of dedication to different western alt genres. Also, do you think there are any warning signs that your taste is changing/ways of knowing that you’re just not as interested into it as much as you used to be? They might be individual to each person, though. One of my biggest signs is when I don’t want to watch live performances or interviews anymore. I used to into funk/disco/hip-hop before VK and right before I fell out I stopped watching lives of my favourite groups because I had no interest in seeing something I’ve heard before but irl. Then I stumbled upon VK and the rest is history. I get the feeling like this is my endgame but I can’t say for certain that I’ll ride or die for life in regards to being a VK fan. I do know for certain that I’m good for now [next year or so]… One last question for those reading, if they wanna answer it: how about you, though?
  2. I created this thread because I'm curious about how visual kei fandoms behave. Yes, I already have the idea that SOME fans can be...crazy, to say the least. But, I want to get deeper into the visual kei fandom AND know the fan club names (i.e.: The Gazette's fan club name is Heresy, DIAURA's fan club name is Gumin, etc.). If there is already a thread similar to this, feel free to send me the link there. I guess I could start by saying, for example, comparing bands to each other will definitely open a can of worms. So all you have to do is name a visual kei fandom and a few words and phrases associated with them that the fandom DOESN'T want to hear either because of a sad, traumatic event that happened or because of pure annoyance. In short, offend a visual kei fandom as quickly as possible using a few words and phrases.
  3. Visual Kei and Japanese pop/sub cultures in general seem to have many intense fans or fan communities that live and breath the art-form or artist in question. I think it would be interesting to discuss just how heavily we follow our favorite bands, and what lengths we go to in our appreciation and / or worship. As for me, I am a pretty big fan, I like to get all versions of singles / albums, and full discographies of favorite bands, even Best albums... I follow on Ameblo, browse Twitters when I can`t sleep. Like to know which Kanji all band members use in their names, etc... As for picks (plectrum), Cheki, etc... For my favorite band I love these, but for other bands I couldn`t care less for plectrum, etc... I will just give them to people who seem to want them. Band-shirts I always long for. I guess my own style is influenced by VK too... Here are some questions to get the ball rolling on the conversation, feel free to answer them and / or type a little about how much you follow VK bands!: 1: Do you buy multiple versions of releases, or buy at all? (Judgement-Free-Zone) 2: Do you collect cheki or other non-music related items from bands? 3: Follow them on Ameblo, Twitter? 4: Would you follow them on the street? 5: Dig through their trash? (Judgment-Free-Zone) 6: Does Visual Kei or other forms of your musical taste influence your style or personal life? 7: Desire to move or visit Japan influenced by music? 8: Do you read dirt-sheets of bands, like rumours, gossip, etc...? 9: Ever fantasize about being friends with band members? (JFZ) 10: Do you want to be in a Visual Kei band (or any other kind of band)? Feel free to speak of other genres and your fandom as well if you please.
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