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  1. I prefer to say my farewell with a bittersweet laught, so I'm choosing "Dance my Generation", since the "End of an era" theme is fitting.
  2. Arkady

    Kamijo from his LAREINE (fiançaille) era
  3. The RAGE when you still cannot remember the title of a song you already listened for HUNDREDS of times in 20 YEARS. (I have an awful memory for song titles I cannot link them with the melody for the life of me, I'm more of a visual memory person)


    1. Arkady


      Please, help me regain my sanity and to not waste an entire afternoon searching among Lareine discography. What lareine song is this melody from? I know it's one of the most obvious ones, I can hum all of it, but I cannot connect the title with the melody.


  4. Arkady

    This time it was a less-musically-relevant-and-more-of-a-collecting-bonanza package Versailles- Jubilee score book Versailles- a ton of bromides Anubis- PAPYRUS ni Egaka Reru RAA no Tenbin Versailles- Cure, pamphlets, and flyers Lareine- Fleur (yellow disc ed.) Kamijo- Mademoiselle (lim. ed. A) Kamijo- Epic Rock Orchestra at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo (lim. ed.) Kamijo- Epic Rock Orchestra at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo (reg. ed.) Lareine- a ton of postcards (the 2 in the middle right are my favorite find of this whole haul) Lareine- signed boards (pretty aged, but they were cheap, so) Lareine- fanclub first 5 magazines (+ the seller added for free what I think may be one of the member letters fans received back if they sent the insert inide Billet?)
  5. Arkady

    Lareine The Ghost inside of me Kizu Versailles Malice Mizer
  6. The new album is the friendships/contacts HE made all along.
  7. Gazette stans are really pissed off in the Twitter comments.
  8. If I had one € each time I saw someone putting something on sale on japanese e-marketplaces, and when it doesn't sell they UP the price instead of lowering it...

    I'd be 30€ richer, more or less.

    1. nekkichi


      lmao.... the logique????? I don't see it???

  9. When you look so much forward for your VK package to arrive that you even dream about it...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mamo


      I've done that before lol So often. I even dreamed about how it sounded before. Yeah always very sad when you wake up

    3. Axius


      OMG i have the same things happen to me. The anticipation :angel:

    4. Enki


      Its always a painful wait 

  10. Arkady

    I'm glad I'm not the only one with this kind of mental bug. *high five*
  11. Arkady

    I stay in the "small collection" side, especially considering it's 15+ years I'm collecting. 3/4 of it it's Kamijo related. 75 albums (EPs included) 100 singles 22 DVDs 32 promo discs (here I counted different kinds of promo discs) 5 VHSs 1 cassette 3 misc. (singles and/or albums with a second CD/DVD included I counted as simply 1 single/album) In the "collectibles" side (not counting stickers or cards): 79 postcards/bromides 9 photobooks (half of them are from Malice Mizer) 10 pamphlets 7 flyers 12 fanclub magazines 1 cheki I'm waiting for stuff to come at the end of the month, but nothing that will dramatically change numbers (maybe a bit the postcards and flyers ones) My western music collection is more or less 25 items betweens albums and a couple singles/DVD
  12. Arkady

    I LOVE Lareine Fuyu Tokyo PV. I adore that budget vintage Paris vaudeville aesthetic, I wish they'd have used it more in their other PVs. It's the kind of extra I love. Also:
  13. Katy Perry learning the multi editions hustle from VK 👀


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    2. saiko


      Didn't know that Malice Mizer's momma inspired the business

    3. nekkichi


      she did it recently and she sometimes throws out a bunch of re-issues/vinyls to get physical releases charting


      typically pop girlies do a local deluxe ed w. a bonus track and another small run for japan; she goes a bit further with no extra content that VK bands add to diff types.

    4. suji


      can't wait for the other 48 editions x

  14. Arkady

    Praying for an Enka-kei EP where he sings and play solo. ❤️
  15. Arkady

    I hope it's a stunt during which the singer will go solo releasing a vaporwave or some random undergrond genre mini ep, or something the like, before announcing they'll be coming back.
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