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  1. sleepy coffee

    so venue limited single? thats gonna be hella disappointing because this is the most excited ive been for a new band in a hot minute
  2. Cool look, definitely keeping my eyes out for this
  3. sleepy coffee

    Wow it feels like they had been hella slowing down and just throwing out random singles digitally only with no promotion so this is a nice surprise
  4. sleepy coffee

    Maybe it was Daichi who was the actual brains
  5. sleepy coffee

    Cool to see they're keeping at it
  6. sleepy coffee

    Ah well I'll have to wait and see since I'm still in the middle of the 3rd book but I might end up being biased enough I'll love the rest of the series as well
  7. sleepy coffee

    I mean I'm fine with the band continuing since I dont really mind misc. and I still think the band has potential to channel whatever they had going on in chedoara/rijin/kidoairaki. people on the internet are usually just weirdos anyway to invested in other peoples lives.
  8. sleepy coffee

    Man say what you will I'm fucking shocked that out of all the bands weve lost in the past year it's insane this is a band that is gonna "survive" going into 2021 lol
  9. sleepy coffee

    In the middle of the Red Rising series and I am facing some severe sadness and suffering. Really awesome stuff tho if you want to see what happens when you get a more matured version of hunger games with some seasoning of game of thrones thrown in there but it takes place in space.
  10. sleepy coffee

    I recommend the 3 singles between their first full length and their mini album earlier this year for something if ur looking for a good place to start
  11. Obviously not as good as anything from mejibray but probably better than anything that came out of 8bspbsbsp so I guess beggars cant be choosers
  12. sleepy coffee

    22 days to go and they're over half of their goal (but only 11 people have supported it so far)
  13. sleepy coffee

    Google translate is unreliable but am I right to assume that hes planning on forming a band now?
  14. Straight into a full album huh
  15. Lol well better late than never but man we need some new music from these guys
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