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  1. Duwang

    Pretty sure those were leftover copies they never sold at buppan. For the longest time they had like 10 copies of various and 2-3 copies of The Silent Song collecting dust because all their fans already bought copies and they very rarely got new people going. I can say with confidence that they're not going to rerelease Various. They removed it from their discography because they want to erase their past. It's not like they even play those songs anymore. Last time they played anything pre-Chedoara was June 2019 where they played Innocent Passion, and the last time they played anything from Various was at their twoman with Deviloof in April 2019 where they played Joudo no Hana. Even at that point they mostly only played songs from Chedoara. You're still pretty new to this site and I erased a lot of my old posts so you probably don't know but I used to go to most of Dimlim's lives in 2018 and 2019 and share a lot of info here since the band sucks at using social media. (I don't follow them anymore so don't ask me what they're up to now. )
  2. Duwang

    Of course, but that doesnt mean Retsu doesnt have a say in what the song is about and I'd say that was definitely the case because the lyrics are quite different than what Sho usually writes. At this point Retsu is driving the car and Sho and Hiroshi are in the back seat. Sho doesn't even know when the band has a live. His band mates call him up the day before to remind him. Do you really think he's the one calling the shots lol
  3. Duwang

    I don't know about the entire album, but I'm pretty sure What's Up was written about my friend. Her critical tweets really seemed to have struck Retsu's nerves considering he cried about it on instagram stories after blocking her, saying that the band doesn't want to listen to anyone's opinions and that he was going to quit social media (which clearly didn't happen, unfortunately)
  4. Duwang

    Since they dropped vk? God it's already been a year so it's a little fuzzy, also I was definitely drunk 2/4 of those lives. They didn't wear makeup at any of those lives except Sho wore foundation to cover the five o'clock shadow. Pretty sure they wore the suits in their artist photo, except I remember Retsu had green hair and wore the ugliest green plaid suit looking like an abingdon boys school reject at the November live, maybe he did for the December live too, which reminds me that they definitely changed their hair up every time since they were only playing once a month even long before the lineup change. I remember Hiroshi had blonde hair at one point, Sho had shorter hair then grew it out for December.
  5. Duwang

    As someone who went to all four lives they did after Ryuya and Taishi left, horrendous. They also got soooo boring. Retsu plays guitar while facing the wall like a fucking jackass, Hiroshi just does his thing in the back (except in September and October when they put his drumset in kamite/stage left), and Sho just stands in one spot and sings. All four times the audience didn't know if we should head bang or just stand and listen, so each live everyone moved less and less until the December oneman where no one did anything except the dousurundai?! 👎 thumbs down furi in ambitious and jump during the chorus of vanitas. After 8 years of going to hundreds of lives in Japan, those 4 concerts were all in my top 10 worst lives I've ever been to. That was a session. He still does session sometimes, as well as support for Verxina, but I don't think he wants to be in a band full time anymore. A friend of mine who's been a fan of him for years says he does, indeed, have health issues, but I do agree that he left mostly because of Retsu. I actually heard Taishi, Ryuya, and Retsu fighting before their set in July (the door to the backstage area connects to the bar area of the venue), and lo and behold a few days later Ryuya and Taishi's departure announcement came.
  6. Duwang

    That would be my friend and pretty much all the bangya who used to go to Dimlim. lmfao This is old drama and I'm way over this band so idc anymore. Here's your tea. My friend tweeted about how awful Dimlim was after their live at Aoyama Rizm last November, saying how it's time for Dimlim to be taken out back. She wrote the tweet in English and, despite Retsu being utterly terrible at English, he understood that her comment was critical and he blocked her. This also happened to a few people I know who don't like Dimlim, which proves that Retsu ego searches "Dimlim" on Twitter and blocks anyone that writes anything critical about the band like the edgelord that he is. Surprisingly he never blocked me (probably because I'm not very active on SNS), but he blocked everyone I know who used to go to Dimlim even though they supported the band for years and didn't do anything to wrong him. Retsu's always been a douche but this was the nail in the coffin for me and the few bangya that gave 3-man Dimlim a try. His Twitter was suspended though so the evil has (partially) been defeated.
  7. Duwang

    Yeah I'm definitely refunding. All my friends who got tickets seem to be doing so as well. Also it sounds like they're checking personal information with government/healthcare records and shit? (is that even legal?) They probably would've found out I got tested for corona last week so I doubt they would've let me in despite being negative. I don't think a 2 section route would've worked. It's not just the time factor, it sounds like the live sold pretty well so they probably would've had to add several dates to their tour in order to accommodate everyone with a ticket. I understand that they need to pay the venue rental and make a profit with the lowered capacity, and I understand musicians and live houses are suffering immensely during the pandemic, but there isn't a single band I'd pay 20,000+ yen to see.
  8. Duwang

    The new drummer was apparently in Haku's new band but he left very suddenly on June 21st, to join Dexcore apparently. lol
  9. Duwang

    He has a Twitter but he doesn't tweet much https://twitter.com/high_karat_ru
  10. Duwang

    I have just one and I have zero debt because I prefer to buy things when I actually have the money for them so I only use it in emergencies and pay it off the next month or two. As for the credit limit, I have no idea but I have never gotten remotely near it.
  11. Duwang

    It sounds like Timely asked them to say 無期限活動休止 (indefinite hiatus) instead of 解散 (disbandment), although indefinite hiatus is an indirect way of saying disbandment 99% of the time. All the fans I know in Tokyo understood that it's a disbandment from the initial announcement, though, especially the fans I know from Crazy Shampoo. Crazy Shampoo disbanded 2 days before Yoshiatsu's birthday, so the last live of the tour being on Yoshiatsu's birthday was a pretty strong indicator that this is the end, but it's good that Yoshiatsu went and confirmed it
  12. Duwang

    Timely = Little Hearts
  13. Duwang

    Do you want us to focus on just one band for your questionnaire or can we talk about multiple bands?
  14. Duwang

  15. Duwang

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