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  1. ambivalentideal

    welcome! love your bands list, tons there i like too! i'm especially happy to see aicle and ayabie
  2. ambivalentideal

    omg YES this is what I needed to hear this year!!! I missed Yuuki so much
  3. I'm a longtime fan of Genki, but I really can't get into this. D : The song is awful, the video looks like it was filmed in his apartment, and this look is um.,.,.,not it. The only thing I like about this is that he seems to sort of look vk again? Hoping that he will notice the attention this is getting and use it as an excuse to start making better quality content. But at the same time I'm not expecting much tbh since I guess this is the only type of content he's probably able to make right now because of the pandemic. Don't wanna get my hopes up too much ;;
  4. ambivalentideal

    Ahhhhh Dollis Marry!!! I completely forgot about them lol. This must have been the one song by them I listened to. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!
  5. ambivalentideal

    I tried that too and also found nothing lol it really is mysterious! I appreciate you giving it a listen though, thank you!
  6. ambivalentideal

    Hey! Thanks so much for your response! To the best of my knowledge I don't think I ever listened to either ANGELO or PIERROT back then so I don't think it's either of those bands. 😕 I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure I didn't so I don't think it's either one of those. I appreciate you having a listen, thank you!
  7. ambivalentideal

    Hey guys! So, I have a handful of VK mixed CDs I burned back in 2007 and 2008 that I was having a listen to today and I ran into a song that I can't quite remember what band it's from. Does anyone happen to know what band this is and maybe even the title of the song? I'd really appreciate anyone who wouldn't mind giving it a listen. Thanks a lot! https://mega.nz/#!Y2A0FCDI!jZJMzjoqMmyvmL5gcGGzpqk02gE8M9cOf47cEnlldcA SOLVED! It's Dollis Marry - Ash Thanks all who listened.
  8. i wanted to buy the new lynch album but spent that money on animal crossing instead lkdjlda now i gotta wait smh

  9. Happy b-day Ambivalent! ❤️

  10. ambivalentideal

    Just my most recent CDJapan package! Very pleased to finally own devils in bedside and Black rain. 9GOATS BLACK OUT - devils in bedside 9GOATS BLACK OUT - Black rain DIR EN GREY - ARCHE DEVILOOF - 鬼 MEJIBRAY - Emotional 【Karma】
  11. ambivalentideal

    I'm dying at "でもdemoなんです" lol...I wish this was a physical release and not a demo but ok. Hopefully after this they'll release something more typical. I'd probably buy it if it were a regular release. 😕
  12. ambivalentideal

    Latest pickups from my job at a used book/music/movie shop! Got all of this for $12.46 because as employees we get a 50% discount, and our company gives us free gift card money every quarter so I only had to pay for a couple of them. :'D Also the extreme rarity of even getting these items is worth noting. I still can't believe it! We buy stuff that people bring in and apparently this person used to love VK! Well, they have gone to a good home haha. Moi Dix Mois - Dix Infernal 1st Press Ltd Edition Schwarz Stein - New Vogue Children Dir en Grey: Macabre Regular Edition Six Ugly Ltd Edition Kisou Regular Edition Vulgar Ltd Edition Withering to death. Ltd Edition Kimon 列島激震行脚 Final 2003 5 Ugly Kingdom Tour05 It Withers And Withers Ltd Edition Tour04 The Code Of Vulgar[ism] Ltd Edition DIMLIM T-Shirt Just something else I ordered recently with a shopping service! Love this shirt. It's big and comfy.
  13. ambivalentideal

    I'm fucking crying. I almost spat out my tea. Nothing tops the Dir en Grey trash can tho lbr
  14. ambivalentideal

    There's something about the cover of Vulgar that just so perfectly represents what the album is like. It's a very simple cover that still manages to give off such a sinister and evil feeling. Less really is more in this case. My favorite part is the fleshy, purple parts at the top. It's disturbing because you don't quite know what you're looking at - is it gloves? the arms of some twisted creature? both? - to where it adds to the feeling of unease. Setting it against the pure black of the background gives it an even more intense feeling of dread and I absolutely love it.
  15. ambivalentideal

    sjslsfjsfj cute, I'm dying at him being like what is 9 yagi???? not getting that we were talking about 9goats black out
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