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  1. nekkichi

    oh no that sucks i hate it???? bassists are replaceable af but they didn't even bother coughing out a decent PR lie for this announcement out of respect for their fans. he was so pretty too!
  2. nekkichi

    **same direction as new XJapan album appurrently: c u in 2030!!!!!
  3. nekkichi

    ended Retsu and revived art kei with one PV, sweet!
  4. nekkichi

    thank u for repping merry on this list - I couldn't recall a single recent track of them while writing mine, and apparently in the month that passed since no one else did I hope I'll get into some nostalgia re-listening over this winter season.
  5. nekkichi

    ngl i was expecting this
  6. he's crediting a separate composer for this creation so idk?? I don't follow any of them closely and 8fds were mostly fun to shitpost over while feeling their music do the brain rot, but koichi seems to grasp the "I'm gonna give mejibray stans everything they want" vibe better and more timely than lord of the tragic guyliner, as evidenced:
  7. couple more examples that didn't jump right out but still are worth noting: kazuya from deadman had a solo release in 2008 under the name gift with a number of various featuring vocalists: gift - a man's walking is succession of falls and on a vaguely more morbid note, daisuke's posthumous solo album was finalized with a bunch of various FWD affiliated sangers: 大佑と黒の隠者達 - 漆黒の光 Asagi and his solo works heavily rely on featuring musicians having no permanent backing up line-up on the same ojisan feature cliche - mediocre darlings legendary 69 debuting with sultry chanteuse hakuei and mafioso career killer Misa: before quickly downgrading vocal role to Yusa and some other neverbeens, and staying in this form till now:
  8. nekkichi

    so it's like an equivalent of community college associates in VK label management instead of a recommended ivy league PhD?
  9. mom can we hire Hora to produce my solo single? we have Hora at home
  10. his vocals were a perfect fit for avelcain. rands mostly got too ambitious for his very limited natural talent he doesn't seem keen on upgrading so most of the time he outright sucked at whatever he attempted there with a few exceptions that were basically AC redux.
  11. nekkichi

    so is he, calm ur cockoro
  12. nekkichi

    when vk bands lose a composer they typically never re-issue whatever that person has created for them in the same shape and form, and oftentimes won't play same songs live. I don't see them re-arranging various era songs and releasing them as covers given their cReAtIvE『 ≠ 』dIfFeReNcEs and the overall comatose state either.
  13. nekkichi

    sounds like legendary 69 hakuei era tbh and idk how this is needed nice visuals i guess??
  14. who knew retsu would teach me a lesson in handling his own megastans, but that ignore list just grew a tad bigger xx

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