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  1. As the site comes to an end, I just have two things to say. 




    followed by




    Aight, peace my dudes lmao. It's been real. 




  2. Saw Miyavi last night. It was a lot of fun! I got there at 12:30pm (Haha standing in line early life), and then did the VIP session at 6. I was 2nd in line, and met up with friends I haven't seen in years. 


    Miyavi put on a really great show, I was 3 feet from him the entire time, I got front and center against the barrier! I enjoyed his performance a lot, and it was a wonderful experience to see him again, it's been too long. 


    The only downside was that the venue didn't offer us water, or have water available for us, which is very strange, since every other venue I have been to offered water or had it available before/after the show for purchase. So I was dead after the concert, and super dehydrated from jumping around and headbanging lol. 


    But it was great! Would do it again. A+ good show. 

  3. Kamijo's new album comes out this week, and I'm very excited to hear his new music. I have been collecting his solo stuff (FromJapan is my best friend right now lmao), so I had to order it! 

    1. lichtlune


      I'm pretty sure it's just a single and not an album right? 

    2. RaeDesu


      You're right, it is. Idk why I thought it was an album XD

  4. Miyavi is on the 26th in Seattle, and I'll be there! Anyone else going to any of his shows? 

    1. God


      i didn’t even know he was touring.  i’ll look into it!  my wife and i missed him last time he came to (i think it was???) sf, but we still wanna try to catch him sometime.  😂

    2. RaeDesu


      Yeah, he is! :D He also has a new album that comes out this month, I believe. I'm excited, I also missed him the last time he was here, so I treated myself and got VIP this time haha.

  5. Got D's new single "Dokeshi no Catharsis" today!!! It's so wonderful! ❤️❤️ 



  6. RaeDesu

    I go by Desu, which I use as the play on words デース
  7. RaeDesu

    D's "Alice" single. Super rare, goes for hundreds.
  8. I am so stoked for this, I don't even care how they'll sound, I just wanna hear Hizumi sing again XD
  9. My ENTIRE job got to hear me listening to Lynch. the other day, my headphones came unplugged from my phone, and I work in a call center so it's quiet at night time, and I was so embarassed HAHA. 


    My supe laughed and said it was okay, it had happened to him before, too. And I guess it's pretty common, but I had it turned up super loud so I was all AHHHHHH when my headphones came loose haha. 

    1. nomemorial


      I used to work in a similar environment and had "Touch My Body" by Mariah Carey as my ringtone as a joke for a weekend event with friends. Came back to work and for some reason forgot to put my phone on vibrate. Mid conversation with my supervisor (standing up in the middle of a cubicle row), my phone starts BLARING the chorus. Everyone stops talking, I just slowly reach down, turn the ringer off, and pretend nothing happened. No one spoke of it, thankfully.

    2. platy


      At least it wasn't some baby core oshare band. 

  10. What are bands/artists that you listen to (or preview) that have vocalists who's voices/sound has completely changed over the years? The only one that I can personally think of is Kamijo. His voice was high pitched, and he used a lot of falsetto when he was in Lareine, and now he has a much lower, deeper range. It's actually quite fascinating and weird to listen to a Lareine song, and then immediately listen to a Versailles song right after it. It's almost as if Kamijo is a different person hahah.
  11. RaeDesu

    Oh man, yes, 12012 for suuuure, I miss them!
  12. What are some bands that you absolutely LOVE, that are no longer together and you wish they still were? For me, D'espairsRay is my number one band that is no longer together, and I wish they were. I'm just glad that they still make music, even if it's not with eachother.
  13. This song started playing on my Spotify last night, and I am enjoying it, went and looked up more lynch. stuff hah



    1. saiko


      I started to pay attention to lynch because of this song. So fucking cool!

    2. RaeDesu


      I agree, they're awesome. I never paid attention to them but now I may have to lol

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