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  1. i hope better than previous release !!
  2. ki11edb1th3qu33n

    his solo works bookshelf and libra truly show story of how he prefers his new project over mejibray.. i support genki both projects.. no prefrence his writting style great way he tells people how he feels and lyrics to also individual solo works speak more of why he happier now than before . i feel he was more sorrow state mejibray yrs vs no 8p-sb not even about change genre or not looking or sound hardcore or what not he himself solo work and he writes alot of compare contrast of what likes of now and dislikes of before. like song bookshelf and libra truly explains some aspect of it and his blog writtings. he open minded person he doesnt need past his band mejibray to be happy he ok with him koichi doing hip hoo rap /trap he does and his lyrics sound raw like he escaped what was holding him back in mejibray... i just feel he was holding back what he didnt do in mejibray but same time he got tired same and i enjoy transition and band regardless of genre genki and koichi excellent and genki excellent lyric and stage preformer
  3. i still say VK is better done by japanese !!non japanese vk suck...its too much copying form japnese vk bands including american vk etc its like aculturating to lang and culture it isnt there own weeabooism much? i see it more nonvk any band non japanese trying make band cant reach hights in my expectations only japanese make better VK than outside countries doing VK non japanese
  4. ki11edb1th3qu33n

    taion by the gazette and from my old fav babd gallhammer (nonvk) but japanese funeral doom metal
  5. ki11edb1th3qu33n

    try asking person who posted it or if there is more pictures of that artist ask them. i was going to confuse him for member nonvk band because of how he looks but i saw not same person in pic. usually on twitter all those bands and pic pop up you can try posting it there too maybe you'll get a reply see his face before i just cant put name to band all remmeber is twitter home for all those pictures also
  6. ki11edb1th3qu33n

    burial applicant by the gazette would you die to save someone else life ?
  7. ki11edb1th3qu33n

    i have too many XD mm how about old school nicknames , skamilly / roxxane/ scarlett ecstasy, zenox equinox , klaryssa ...ehhi have to many i go by alo of names even miley
  8. ki11edb1th3qu33n

    the kind i always use i seen professional gamers use i there competitons not only Leagueoflegends but COD other games and other consoles. i buy from compnay logitech and the earphone smale called jaybird i had x3's and jaybird tarah and jaybird run i had 6 pairs and still work excellent company for both gaming and tech. they pricey but older models can be low as 30 dollars newer can be uo too 600+ .. the tarah pro 200 and others 100 dollars i woen currently 5 pairs all work excellent both wired and wireless
  9. ki11edb1th3qu33n

    horrible to see and hear hyo suffer.. praying for him to getting better.. and rest members safe too
  10. ki11edb1th3qu33n

    idk if you can link to spotify i used to have artist acct years ago when they bearly launched ...but from what ive seen maybe discontinued artist and makers area 12yrs ago.. and for rec and tracking songs just use a voice rec app or find way to do it via phone or comp i use to do same yrs ago but now found alt ways. if you mean shar song other devices or profile you can share somg playlist but yeah been yrs i last used tht whsn it bearly launched. device station sharing i guess certain phones can its matter see option
  11. ki11edb1th3qu33n

    i bearly found a symphonic and instrumental version of blue blood album by xjapan and to see how blue bloods great release seeing xjapan do symponic instrumental version truly shows thr masters at work ♥️✌️
  12. ki11edb1th3qu33n

    for me i have to comment longest relationship began end of middle school till end of HS from 2007-2014 even if he lived cities away i didnt drive at time and young i enver had a physical relationship and didnt want too .. i was seen as lesbian or gay in school cause how i was never like othe rppl inc ouples and how i went with my girl friends to prom over a guy for 2yrs straight even if thry invited me.. shortest relationship 4 months with a guy who posed as a artist i followed yrs ago. i feel every fake artist acct catfishes me for personal gain or get xrated pictues (try too) overall im single since 2017 i cant rely on physical relationships now especially with the new kinda life living hope one day missing piece finds me 💔😢 i hate living ppl more than love me but true lonewolf life sucks so i strated tlaking to ppl this yr after yrs avoidng and trhing to reco struct myself away form narcissit and toxic ppl i tlaked and hanged with in past... maybe one day wont be seen the negative kind or black sheep
  13. i say no because romance is deadly! i say personally dont bother looking for people because thrn the whole codependency factor arises and problems. totally i agree you have to be mentally and emotionally in equilibrium and not have problems in order to accept a person and relationship treat partners like fmaily or just accquaintances but once you lose the person feels liek you lost a part of yourself both ways dont get stuck or head over heels or love at first sight yall never know consequnces not knowingmore of person before hand. i only had online relationships and all i say is better than physical relationships because you dont deal with shit and platerize in gutter if something goes wrong yes it will be public eye online but you will be loved. in other words never feel lonesome or desperate it will make people disintreats in you be powerful of who you are and present yourself dont rush relationships either cause that too can cause drama wheater physical or online. but if your truly in love and you tlaked to person best thing i say cooler tlaking them before anything else or even true love in my oppinion why slow down? the end result i seen relationships deteriote because either get replaced/cheating etc and thr perosns left to rot and succumb wounds in real love over other person careless and happy. take time find your match avoid the eye candy and codependency if people are intereasted they will talk to you dont make yourself talk to them they will tlak to you just liek friends if they real thry will talk you wont need effort to message tske relationships same way if someone cares they be like a friend and fmaily im single for 4yrs and ive dealt with catfishing and fkae profiles in which they imperosnate artist and iys till end i deal with aftermath do some backgrohnd search and avoid deep romance untill you know exactly who you talk to to avoid emotional breakdowns and problems in end in other hand for short get to know people before you lay intereast dont speak to them make them i tereast in you
  14. ki11edb1th3qu33n

    this is really good question! it depends really on the situation and persons involved personally the compettion between music with vocals and just instrumentals (including other genres without vocals) i say personally instrumental music has more dominance verus just vocal music with no instruments or background of anything. you see band with or without instruments selling records without vocals just look at the non bocal genres avant grande,noise,dubstep techno,electronicaand the more aggresive genres atmospheric black metal and funeral doom and sludge dont rely on vocalist or voices they use both with or without instruments the tlaents the skills and sounds versus the imave and voice that front the project.. i personally say vocalist wont be successful without a band alone thry cant excell without music in background . yes i support instrumntal music because i listen to that over vocal music when listening to non VK bands but when you mix VK into this i say its opposite i say in VK i feel voice has to be powerful to represent image and views they want to ortray witht he imagery the backing band etc is just etc i feel VK is very dependent on vocalist and the motion and everything has to correlate which what makes body and depth makes the genre broder than non VK bands or non vk genres or non japanese genres. tbh vk is better than the non vk genres and non japanese music today.. the way vk artist match imagery body and depth and band to the singer is what makes band standout which is why i like this genre men in VK have more better udeas than non VK NOnVK genre NOn japanese nonvkgenre bands.. overall i havent heard instrumental VK band but im intereasted to see the way imagery will be used to mix with the sound. different worlds comparing non VK non VK genres non japanese nonvk bands vs VK itself and legit japanese music!! well thats my opinnion but i prefer japanese VK over standard non VK non japanese non vk genre bands in refrence to some non vocals or non backing band and just vocalist that are non vk. i prefer a regular japanese vk band over a singer who just sings doesnt depend on band and if they are non VK i prefer instrumental because in nonVK non japanese music no body or depth or imagery the poor use of image and market appeal o sell and make ppl buy all consumerism.. VK isnt like that they already have a plan of execution thry dont need consumerism they go all out unlike non japanese non VK bands or genres
  15. ki11edb1th3qu33n

    tbh it doesnt disturb me ! why? because vk we know iniyiated in japan so of course thry will soeak japanese over any other language more fluently. i persoanlly cant say its wrong to hear japanese VK artist sing other langauges actually ok for me becuz they want to get global view music not just based on there own lands. nothing wrong with learning and not bring well we all learn new lanaguges diffrent pace as we grow we find intrest and then tht leads to learning. so nothing wrong using other langauges in the VK works and langauge variations in each genre from eng to spanish
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