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  1. Keiyuh

    How the hell did my comment get deleted? Now people will think I removed it
  2. Keiyuh

    Nonsense it's the best time.
  3. Keiyuh

    Oh if only I had seen you back in 2015 I could tell you whatever you want to hear But if I just said hello would you listen to me?
  4. I'm surprised no one posted this.
  5. Keiyuh

    I actually thought you would post melt
  6. Keiyuh

    I dreamt I was on the side of the road with my sister and mum, I looked to my right and saw a monochrome sky with buildings on the side and a dirt wasteland on the left only to be divide by a very dark road, I left them both and ran towards the darkness then I saw someone, we talked while we walked and the sky clouds got darker near black but a tone of grey when I got deeper in to the middle I felt free but realised I was going back home and saw my mum but I didint talk to her but my friend did, I turned back and walked with a music that played over, I saw moving pictures, the song was so deep for me that I felt it was made just for me, I turned back to see a girl who looked so hideously disturbing and scary, but I didn't wake and just looked at her and she was starting to change to the person I neglected long ago she was so beautiful, we walked on the dirt but what she said was the only reason for me to care, After asking for poltergeist about dream interpretations both Christian Hebrew all they said was, you will either be stuck in between or go down a path that you denied for so long
  7. Keiyuh

    Ah rainfurrest memories kick in
  8. Keiyuh

  9. Keiyuh

    Seriously, say what you want to say now, I promise you won't do any worse then me.
  10. Keiyuh

    Oh man this is awesome I mean the album cover XD JK JK it's nice someone actually releases their sessions
  11. Keiyuh

    Lol they look like lychee hikari club cosplayers
  12. Keiyuh

    Well you're the last. Its the greatest honor a lurker can achieve.
  13. Keiyuh

    I was going to say that. Welcome kas, you picked a good time to join.
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