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  1. EzraEroguro

    This one. For all time, I'll remember this place, and this song will light up the way to these memories. To me, 15 years ago, discovering this music, and falling in love with the fandom, and these places... ...good bye.
  2. EzraEroguro

    Nope. I'm wrong. This was the first single I downloaded from Tainted World, back when it was invite only. Thanks for the memories, everyone!
  3. EzraEroguro

    https://youtu.be/7maAJfnGY1E End - girugämesh.
  4. Thank god, it's been far too long since he's done anything on his own. Still spinning "Just about independent quality" with frequency.
  5. EzraEroguro

    Aaaand now I'm sad. Rather, was. Still am. Oof.
  6. EzraEroguro

    Really can't keep their guitarists, huh?
  7. EzraEroguro

    Jesus, what is this?
  8. EzraEroguro

    Erode is such a great tune, dammit.
  9. EzraEroguro

    Yeah, I just downloaded a copy of The World You Live In. Kinda looking forward to watching it tonight.
  10. EzraEroguro

    I mean...check my username!
  11. EzraEroguro

    Finally, some good fucking news.
  12. EzraEroguro

    That was just fantastic.
  13. EzraEroguro

    Oooh, Vanitas pretty much from front to back. Rad.
  14. EzraEroguro

    S'a bop, 'nuff said.
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