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  1. p0pp3r

    can't wait to hear it full! Dexcore is probly one of the most underrated bands imo...they're exceptional at making songs with very catchy soft chorus surrounded by an overall heavy instrumental
  2. p0pp3r

    Quite the powerhouse band! I like Hunger, Imitation and Coward
  3. I love E heros too. Way better in OCG though for obvious reasons XD Yeah decks!
  4. p0pp3r

    Haven't listened to their recent releases but Uroboros and Vulgar were pretty sick <3
  5. p0pp3r

    I don't have any particular artist who influenced me, but I do get inspirations seeing accesories/hair/makeup/clothes jrockers wear. I basically just mix and match to my preference haha. I love dressing up in rock outfits, just not hardcore Vkei as I personally find many far too flashy and only suitable on stage.
  6. I first read is as Osaka to Kyoto...which is like the city beside haha. Tokyo though wow that's ridiculously tough XD
  7. p0pp3r

    Wtf....I'm by Holdom. A few min walk up Save On Foods. Cool yet creepyXD Did u go to Alpha or Burnaby North?
  8. It's fine now, but not last format when Spyrals were too OP Are your images down for many cards on Ygopro too or is it just me? Awesome. What do u usually play? Uhh if you're slightly competitive then Duelingbook is good. Other 2 are more for fun playtesting. Tag is fun lol I've never played actual yugioh games. Is it basically RPG style where you start with small cardpool and keep adding after wins? What decks do you run on ygopro?
  9. Being Japanese, I'll have to say it REALLY depends on your preferences. In terms of physical features, many Japanese have glaring issues such as being short, single eyelid, flat nose, round faceline, crooked teeth in comparison to not only western folks but to many asian countries as well. I'm sure most of you on this forum already know but even the hot VK guys aren't exactly all attractive without makeup lol. Ofcourse, there's some positives too such as having a fairy good metabolism (no srsly it's hard to get fat), fair skin, thick hair, and overall cute face. Maybe this is why you don't see much girls going for the "hot" look but more towards being cute. It just suits them more. So like I said, preferences XD When it comes to growing up and living in Japan it's hit or miss. On the bright side, Japan generally is clean, convenient, and safe. Aside from the overly crowded central cities it's quite comfortable. Work and human relationships however is a disaster (in large cities. I can't speak for less populated places cuz I never lived in any) People are narrow minded, secluded, picky, perfectionists and most importantly fake(they have a culture of smiling on the outside 24/7 and hiding any negative thoughts). Basically robots lol. I think for anyone non-Japanese. speaking Japanese and making Japanese friends would be awesome but I doubt you'd wanna be Japanese XD
  10. Sorry if I sound stupid but what does 0th even mean? First release? Anyway I like the cover haha good for halloween
  11. p0pp3r

    I watched Shin Godzilla yesterday for the 3rd time. It was somewhat boring with the political storyline but that's what made it realistic as well That version of Godzilla was just so OP it felt overboard and amazing at the same time lol
  12. p0pp3r

    Wow same here (゜∀゜)!! In Brentwood area
  13. Haha yea 30 posts for DL is fine, but I hope it's 400 to change the name sign like you said I don't think I'll ever be posting 1000 >_>
  14. p0pp3r

    How rare haha you're just the 4th person I know here that's a VK fan. Whereabouts in Van?
  15. p0pp3r

    The cover pic is sick!! <3
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