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  1. Dam cazqui is pretty sexy

  2. fruitfork

    I forgot I had this saved and it still applies
  3. fruitfork

    lololol She doesn't know
  4. fruitfork

    It's Ok. I kinda have a feeling I might grow tired of the vocals, but we'll see
  5. Where do I start with Goatbed's discography

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    2. fruitfork


      @Jigsaw9 Thank you.. I will try and report in on my thoughts to you here to ask for more recommendations if I like^_^

    3. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      I started with their self-titled album (it's on Spotify--if it's region locked I can offer you a rip from my personal copy :D) and I fell in love at first listen so I recommend giving it a try!

    4. fruitfork


      @Total Saikou I'll take you up on that offer, PM me?

  6. fruitfork

    I was looking through their twitter the other day and found this. I wonder if it's one of their songs they only play live.. or if it's a song from one of their more rare CDs from back then.
  7. fruitfork

    New MV "Yamai syndrome"
  8. fruitfork

    I like your makeup a lot, it's super cute. And we have pretty similar tastes. I hope you enjoy your time here : 3
  9. Does anyone know where the cover artwork from D≒SIRE's 楽園 -Humanical Garden- is from?

  10. fruitfork

    Oh but they already do this... but instead of the Yeezys some y-3 sneakers lol
  11. ..wow..They all look amazing.. Definitely going to check them out when they're album releases..
  12. fruitfork

    I'm going to try updating this thread as often as possible because I have a feeling these guys are going to break up sooner rather than later T__T Miyuki spoke on twitcast a while back about wanting to record their tour end for DVD, and I'm so excited. I think it'll be my first vkei purchase in almost a decade lol, they literally have never posted any recording of their lives except for small clips on ig
  13. fruitfork

    Twitter | F4F twitter | IG | Youtube | HQ Vocals - 四月一日御幸 Watanuki Miyuki Guitar - 半田ヰ夂葉 Handa Ichiyo Guitar - 雛菊雛 Hinagiku Hina Bass - 夢国文弥 Yumeguni Fumiya Drums - 四ツ辻鬱気 Yotsutsuji Utsuke Former members: (ex. Bass - 幽城 齋 Yuki Sai 2017~19) (ex. Support Bass - 伊丹 一 Itami Hajime 2016~?) (ex. Support Drums - 朝夕奈 千春 Asayuna Chiharu 2016~?) (ex. Support Drums - ろっしー Rossy 201?~??) Side projects: 怨'z (Miyuki & Hina) Tacurami (Ichiyo & Utsuke) They've never been under any label (as far as I know) The exact date of the band's formation isn't known but their 1st anniversary with the former lineup was February 2nd, 2016 Their official debut was at a secret live held at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU on February 4th, 2016 The band was started together by Miyuki and Ichiyo Most of their songs are menhera based but early on when they didn't have an official bassist or drummer, the band went for a more wafuu/eroguro theme with onyomi readings for song titles and references to Japanese folklore/nursery rhymes/symbolism in their lyrics
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