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  1. blacktooth

    I'm glad I haven't MIST any updates to this thread because it really is Funny world in here.
  2. blacktooth

  3. blacktooth

    Don't we all?
  4. blacktooth

    Loving the new direction and can’t wait for the next album.
  5. blacktooth

  6. blacktooth

    I had always thought Kyo's real name was Jeff Tanaka.
  7. blacktooth

    This thread is a living internet museum really.
  8. A single with less conventional song structure is always refreshing from DEG these days.
  9. This single is going to be loud as shit, huh?
  10. Chill/melancholic ambient MIDI beats to relax/study to
  11. something something feel the pain of existence
  12. blacktooth

    a s u s u a l
  13. blacktooth

    They’re getting old too. I can’t wait for them to evolve into their final form as old man band.
  14. blacktooth

    Waiting an hour for the band to take the stage is pretty standard in my experience. At least the pre-show playlist has more interesting good music.
  15. blacktooth

    Loving the normal distribution in the poll results.
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