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  1. Total Saikou

    Saikou's got a 2-for-1 sale on sentimental posts today I've been listening to Paper Plane a lot because it's my fav B-side on B-men Gahou 2 Electric Boogaloo and because it's an unusually positive entry... I dunno, I'm done with feeling down in the dumps. Not just about MH but 2020 in general. I want to look towards the future that we are all a part of in making. Let's make a better tomorrow, together
  2. So... This is it, huh? My last ever post. It feels surreal to me that this is the end of the road for everyone. I don't have much left to say, honestly. I just wanna say thank you to everyone for making me feel at home here at MH. Thanks for the news, the rarez, and the laughs... For everything. 2020 was a garbage year but my time on here was the best and I owe it all to you guys. I hope to see you in the Beatsense room in the next 24 hours or so to help reign in the new year.


    Hey, you. Yeah, you reading this. I bet you made me smile a few times this year. Or maybe you shared something awesome that I still spin in Winamp after all these months. Or maybe you shared some great insight about VK/a certain band (maybe before I even joined) that still bounces around in my noggin to this very day. Or maybe you've even become my friend over the course of us seeing each other on here. You've made a difference in my life, however small or big, and no amount of lip service could serve as proper payback, I don't think... However, let my last words be ones that will reach your heart.


    Thank you very much everyone, for everything. Until next time.

  3. Total Saikou

    "The light will allow you to remember everything. If you call if the future, then you and I can make it tomorrow"
  4. Total Saikou

    You can follow the links in my Siggie for other places to see me but I never mention my (currently unused) Instagram, it's @total_saikou
  5. Total Saikou

    Yay, I'm glad to hear that you're gonna stop by! I just planned it for the 31st the whole day through so not really but I imagine we're all gonna hop on during evening/nighttime. I myself will be hopping on after work that day (5:00 PM Pacific time) [Like L.A time] and will try to bring along a few peeps I know with me
  6. Total Saikou

    The last new member MH will ever have... Thanks for swinging on by in the last few days we have left, enjoy them with us ✌️
  7. Total Saikou

    Remon, Remon, Remon~! I might just order a physical copy, the ltd. would look great on my shelf
  8. Merry Christmas to everybody that celebrates it! And if you don't, then have a Happy Hanukkah or a cool Kwanzaa :D 

  9. Total Saikou

    Only one song captures how I feel perfectly. Sayonara, Goodbye... I'll see you guys on a different road ✌️ The lyrics are beautiful and have me cry a few times... Here's my translation of the last chorus and verses (3:28) Don't you cry If those tears happen to be for me Don't you cry If those tears happen to be my fault Let's go on with our separate lives Don't you cry There's nothing that I wouldn't do for you Don't you cry The days where we laughed together fade away In these revolving seasons The winds will blow (And we'll) be going on our separate paths Sayonara Goodbye Don't cry anymore Sayonara Goodbye
  10. Total Saikou

    Pictured: my bitch-ass trynna leech everything I can before it gets wiped
  11. Looks like it's someone's special day! :glitter:I hope you have lots of fun on your birthday, Linh-san :starry:

    1. Rize


      Arigatou Saikou ❤️ ^_^!

  12. Total Saikou

    You're totally coming in clutch here, thank you! You can also message me on Jrock one or on Last.fm (in my siggie) if it's after MH goes caput.
  13. Total Saikou

    (I'm not sure where this topic belongs so I'm putting it here) I was curious about how to save my history here so I found that this is the method that works for me I discussed this with @platy and she said it would be a good idea to write up a tutorial in case anyone else would like to do the same. I understand that there will be an archive but I’m not sure how comprehensive it will be (though I've an idea, they usually look something like this), so I felt like I should back it up myself just in case. Some forums have a “download/export” button for users to download history with (usually BBC code style forums [you know the ones] have these for threads). However, you can still easily export your history into different formats with Google Chrome. Before we begin: I’m converting my history into a complete HTML webpage. What does that mean for how my history will appear? What you keep in addition to your words: Emojis, tags, reactions, a banner, some of your cover photo and people’s avatars will stay intact What you lose: Videos, pictures, the ability to go to the next page, to see hidden responses, to leave the page you are currently on. Warning: Long posts get truncated so if you posted a huge response that you want to save in its entirety, you have three options: Right click on the desired page in your content history page and choose “View page source”. On the page source, MH will be turned into a mess of plain HTML BUT your posts will be in full. Proceed to save this page. Save the thread as a whole (Follow the numbered process below but on a thread instead) Copy/paste into Google Docs I’m not sure how else to save truncated posts or how to make this process easier for our veteran users. It takes like 5-10 seconds to download one page so my own history (16 pages @300-ish posts) doesn’t seem that daunting to me but if you have thousands of posts then it sounds like a hassle. If anyone with better insight can suggest something better, please do! Let’s begin! Let’s start at your profile. If you want to save your profile as it appears right now, right click on anything that isn’t a picture/discussion box and press “save as” Here, you can choose three save options. I suggest saving as “Webpage, complete” so your profile has pictures and the like. These pages only take up like 300kb so it’s really no extra strain on your computer to save them like this over the other formats. You also get a separate folder for elements like reaction.pngs, the banners, and people’s profile pictures! You may choose to save as HTML (no pics) or as a single file only as well. Okay, now you’ve got your profile forever encapsulated on your hard drive. However, that will only include some of your recent posts, let’s get all of them. Click on “See your activity” in the right hand side under your cover photo. If you saved your profile like earlier, then try again here to download this page’s worth of posts. You can also choose what to save in the left-hand box, if you just want your forum replies etc. then choose that option. Awesome! Now you’ve got your first page saved. However, that will just be one page. You need to go to the next page and repeat the process until you feel satisfied. Do not forget to change the name of your page when you try to download it. You can change it into whatever you like, such as “[user]’s content 2” or “My posts part 2” but you need to make sure that it’s different so that it won’t overwrite
  14. Total Saikou

    Sayonara MH Party/Funeral

    Since MH is closing down, plus the 'rona makes New Years Parties unsafe, I think I'm gonna spend (at least some of) the last day of this wretched year sending off MH the way it's meant to be; by playing sick tunes. If you've got some free time, then I'd love to see you drop into the Sayonara MH room on Beatsense on the 31st for just a little bit. This event is BYOB (Bring Your Own Bangers).
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