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  1. Rize

    Twitter: http://twitter.com/Linhdesu instagram: http://instagram.com/linh_desu lastfm: https://www.last.fm/user/Linhsan Discord: Rize#8629
  2. Rize

    I've been here for 10 years, at first just a bit of lurking here and there and when the chat feature came I've always been there each single day to have a chat with everyone and to cheer people up as I've been known as the positive fairy who cheers everyone up I've got to know quite some people here who I'm still in touch with^^ (after I came back after 5 years). I think the most memorable thing was: That thing with Akane (Para:noir/D.I.D) where everyone went nuts for some specific comment about religions or something. I remember @Karma’s Hat used to had it in the signature >,< My duties which I did for the staff team back in the days. Also the end of the year staff music reviews was really nice organized and fun to do Honestly I've always been quite a introvert person but thanks to you all I've become a more open person both online and irl I hope to stay in touch with everyone! I do have a few people of MH on my social media accounts, feel free to follow and message me so we can stay in touch! IG: Linh_desu TWT: @Linhdesu Goodbye MH, you'll be never forgotten! ありがとう!
  3. Looks like it's someone's special day! :glitter:I hope you have lots of fun on your birthday, Linh-san :starry:

    1. Rize


      Arigatou Saikou ❤️ ^_^!

  4. I recently got into Genshin Impact, even got the 2 new characters Zhongli & today out of the draw Xinyan :D  I'm playing on the EU server, feel free to add me! UID: 709508934

    1. Shir0


      Damn you're so lucky 😧 Still trying to get Zhongli 

    2. Rize


      @Shir0 Actually I wanted Diluc for a while but still no luck on that one TT I like pyro more over geo abilities >,<

  5. Tbh, this is so much better than that 8P-SB thingy. I know the budget is low on the other hand with this teaser-recording, but somehow the song itself is quite interesting. Been fan of Tzk/genki's since MEJIBRAY though his solo singles were cool too. I'm just glad it's NOTHING like 8P-SB so much, only wondering where this is actually going... it doesn't give me the THIS IS THA SHIT-vibe yet, but giving it a go for now
  6. Rize

    Ah man that sucks, I just recently got into them and really liked their style. What a shame :< Also better snatch all their tracks before it disappears from all streaming sites >.<
  7. Rize

    Hmm, for starters: Try their first full album: GENESIS, it's one of my favorites and Lost November is a sweet track too (sweet vibes as Lily has). Their 2nd full album FOCUS is a good one too And maybe also in handy, their best-album INCOMPLETE (which has most of their greatest hit songs in it ) hmm... And yes, Lily is only released in their Sirius/Lily single. Most of their releases are listenable on spotify anyways, so you can check it out there too Also recommending their latest single release 最果てに降る雪, for some winter vibes!
  8. Rize

    I'm soooo excited! I really need thissss! hope it's for pre-order on cdjapan cause idk where to buy it else xD
  9. Rize

    Hmm... first band that comes in mind is probably Royz Blu-BiLLioN LOST ASH Lustknot. These were one of my fav bands and still are You might also like: i.D.A HAKLO ^ My current addictions, also really like the lyrics of the songs they write.
  10. Rize

    Welcome on the forum
  11. Rize

    Razor has a streaming today / at 18:00 Japan time ¥3000 for the streaming ticket and if you want to DL it as well it's ¥10.000
  12. I actually liked Starry Sky, it's gives a nice boost compared to all his other releases
  13. Rize

    I really loved the song The vocalist has such a beautiful voice, damn ❤️
  14. Never seen this got updated, but HAKLO has new look and a distr. single release on october 25, 2020 Also the single is pretty good in my opinion
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