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  1. Desqui

    I really thought this was going to introduce cooking. They already have gathering materials and creating, might as well go all the way. Initially I was kinda irritated they added material gathering because I do that in all my other (few) games already xS why make me work more.
  2. Desqui

    I did go back successfully and have been playing a bit here and there since. Its boring though so I have decided to think about completing my terraforming. At first I was going for closed off like Shutter Island and keeping all my villagers in one place as prisoners because I hated running around looking for them, but now that I have all reactions and winter is coming, I'm thinking make a main street and throw all the villagers into some mountains... my original plan before hating on the game lol I had gathered a bunch of skeletons, fossils and rocks to decorate the sheer cliffs too. Oh well.
  3. Desqui

    I haven't played since Thanskgiving week and failed to participate in Turkey day. I found an awesome discord community which can basically provide anything I want, no charge. And because of that community I was really trying to get rid of a ton of items so the new storage update is counterproductive lol But anyways HEHEHE I had no idea Hazuki was playing! I've watched Merry play games but Yuu refuses to play ACNH His laugh! HAHAHAHAHAHA I'm not sure it's safe for me to start playing again due to my current employment status, but if I do I plan to TT back to Turkey Day and go from there. I don't TT often really and right now I am nicely set 1 day 1 hour behind everyone which helped me catch events during my work schedule. Hopefully I can TT back though, I know there've been some patched changes on that.

  5. Happy Birthday! 🎉🥳🎂

  6. Desqui

    I second Gazette. I don't know if Ruki does it these days but he used to "rap" sometimes 🤣 But here's more anyway. Or....this. album.
  7. Desqui

    Oy Vey 2020 is not over yet.
  8. Desqui

    Where are the nudes now?
  9. I quit my job 😐

    1. platy


      Congrats (?) and I hope you can find something better 

    2. KrumpingChihuahua


      I am sure you had a reason to quit. So congrats, let's hope you'll find a a better one 

    3. Desqui


      Aww thanks guys. Me too. 

  10. Desqui

    Watch Gara reveal a closet of Merry goodies.
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