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  1. suji

    vk.gy & discord (suji#8935) under the same name. everything else, just pm me Nintendo: jigenchan (if you wanna kick my ass at mario kart or smth)
  2. last message...✝


    I want to thank all of you who have made this place home for me. From being a banned shitposter to a moderator is a big step to take with a lot of challenges on the road. My experiences here have changed my life and I am so grateful to every one of you.  Who knew that a Japanese rock forum could bring so many wonderful people together?


    To all my friends here, you know where to find me.


    thank you all for everything ♥


  3. suji

    M-H will disband at 2021/01/01 due to losing confidence of visual kei since the same date, and their alter-ego band "JROCK ONE" will commence activities they will still search for visual-kei news in the future but will not post anywhere in the near future PS1: M-H people are talented enough to find news, and thus visual kei no longer needs them anymore PS2: that mod, psychonnect_rozen, and vk stan twitter/reddit/facebook groups should be happy for this news PS3: hope that this thread will not be deleted or edited by that mod, who is not willing to delete other threads upon his request --- Sorry I wrote a fucking novel ;V
  4. suji

    their last single has been made available on Jishuban Club http://www.jishubanclub.com/index.php/black-star.html
  5. suji

    this is soooo last year but Setsuna went on trial a year after his arrest and he only got...3 1/2 years in prison, plus hard labor. tl;dr Setsuna testified that Uran asked him to help her commit suicide, and since that statement couldn't be verified as truthful or not, the court accepted that he killed her upon request and sentenced him to that short amount of time instead of the recommended 13 years in prison. https://www.jpopasia.com/feed/25678/egoists-setsuna/
  6. suji

    ex-LIEVRE CLAY Waju's son was born on June 2!
  7. suji

    Niiiiiiiiiiice!! Love most of those bands on your list! ♥♥♥ Welcome to MH!! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to message me or any other staff with red/blue names! Hope you have a great time here!
  8. got a song stuck in my head & tried to find a band I found on Spotify, and it turns out they've been scrubbed off the platform like they never existed (kinda like taking from the vk playbook)


    and I don't remember who the fuck they were or the name of their songs, fUCK

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    2. suji


      seremedy is always in my kokoro but no that's not what i'm looking for

    3. Desqui


      Now you have to sing it for everyone so we can all look for you

    4. suji


      fuck yes i found it!! stream loveblind!! (dunno why they weren't on my spotify library)



  9. suji

    sweetie, look in the mirror
  10. suji

    translation: sorry i can't fucking read, guess i'll go back to trolling and not taking responsibility for my shitty behavior
  11. suji

    This guy is a little bitch, lmao 😂🤡
  12. suji

    yes, i think for 1 wk overall, fxxkin Yikes man, that is the cringiest preview that I've ever seen
  13. welp, no new albums but VULGABEAUTERIC has been released on 10/5! An artbook was also released back in April with the VULGABEAUTERIC concept, it's only available on Amazon Kindle tho....
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