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  1. helcchi

    4 of the members are from Meidara
  2. they just changed their name to Zombie with a new guitarist
  3. helcchi

    Vkdb, but that could be wrong too. Same birthday tho
  4. helcchi

    They are homophones in Japanese 834 = yamishi 70 = nao
  5. helcchi

    Sujk's drum stick bounced off my finger and right into the hands of the much taller guy standing next me who snatched it right up fmllll. But then i caught the only bit of scrap metal from Aggy's hair that he threw into the audience if that even counts as a win... I mean that was a 1/1300 chance right?
  6. helcchi

    update Did Hal already know this was going to happen
  7. helcchi

    Members: Vo. 双真/Souma (ex.IGGY) Gt. 諒/Ryo (ex.BLESSCODE) Gt. 詩結/Shiyu (ex.VETIQUE) Ba. Яyu (ex.Far East Dizain) Dr. S1TK (lack-co. (higiri)) Individual shots
  8. breakin’holiday will release their first full album “PALOMAR KNOT” on October 30.
  9. helcchi

    DEATHGAZE - fuck me lynch. - pulse Sel’m - fuck 堕天使 - Sex Maniac KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND - セックス
  10. helcchi

    Miharu’s nickname is みぷ (mip)
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