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  1. TomoMAD

    Mas toxica que la "escena" vk en chile xDDDDD
  2. TomoMAD

  3. TomoMAD

    Album Cover: New Flyer: Here is the new look:
  4. TomoMAD

    ❤️ Thanks to my dear friend who give me this flyers and magazines ❤️
  5. TomoMAD

    A lot of old stuff ❤️ Michiru Project DT sealed and come with autograph, GOKIBURI 1st full album sealed, and more amazing stuff ❤️
  6. TomoMAD

    Time ago I almost buy 2 CDs of them, they sound really good, hope this band don't disband early
  7. TomoMAD

    HOLY FUCKKKKKKKKKKK FINALLY THIS DAY!!! I was waiting a lot for this 😢❤️
  8. TomoMAD

  9. TomoMAD

    NAIS!!!!!!!!!! ❤️
  10. Yes! They have a website that you can buy stuff.
  11. It's so sad, i really hope that this amazing visual kei library get open again ❤️
  12. TomoMAD

    Love Zip.er ❤️ nice revival with a lot of great artists ❤️
  13. TomoMAD

    I miss old look 😢😢
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