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  1. LobeliaGarden

    I don't know why they haven't posted the stream link yet...*sigh* I'm still awake x.x
  2. LobeliaGarden

    I miss MALISEND.. .
  3. LobeliaGarden

    OMG! Hahahah!! I just had to hear it for myself and I just died lmfao xD Aahahah I can never unhear that now lololol xD Thanks!! xD
  4. LobeliaGarden

    IKR?! HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  5. LobeliaGarden

    I'm going to be recording as well too, but just in case if I f*ck up or miss something I want other people to record too lol I tend to f*ck up on a lot of things haha xD
  6. LobeliaGarden

    Oh cool!! that's great!! Thanks a bunch! I recommend you use a recording thing called Bandicam, it's easy to use and you can record your screen with it super easy ^^ it's for gaming but it will work fine for recording live streams/concerts
  7. LobeliaGarden

    Oh wow, interesting..not really. I'll pass unfortunately..Sorry lol.
  8. LobeliaGarden

    Great Line-up, Cool look, but I'm not a fan of there music unfortunately (as in there new MV song). But I will follow them to see what else they will release in the future, they seem interesting lol I wish them the best of luck!
  9. LobeliaGarden

  10. LobeliaGarden

    This one has to be my most favorite so far, I really love the sound of the new song and the new look is beautiful! I hope in the future they do less screaming and just sing "normally" like they do in there new MV they just released ([argentum]) (Not a fan of screamy bands lol) I really love his vocals and there instrumental is always amazing! they really did good on this new release ^^
  11. LobeliaGarden

    AGAIN??!?! now way..
  12. LobeliaGarden

    Please Record the whole live concert Thank you!! for 千歌繚乱 senka ryoran please make sure to get SARIGIA & Aiolin Thank you very much! !
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