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  1. Let kids believe in Santa. Y'all are grown adults and still believe the X Japan album actually exists

  2. I've had my ups and downs with this forum, but I honestly think coming here was in the end a positive experience for me. I've met some amazing and knowledgeable people here, and some really cool and kind souls. This forum helped me develop from a newbie fan into a well listened Kote-Kei slut lmao. I've found so many amazing bands through this forum and if it weren't for the rest of y'all fucking hipsters (and I mean this in an endearing way) I'd probably have quite a different music taste lol.

    For those who want to interact with me, I'm on J-Rock One as fairy_aimy. I hope to see y'all there

  3. Himeaimichu

    Well, since MH is closing, I thought I'd finally begin work on this project. For years, MH was THE place to get high quality downloads of rare bands. However, since MH is, well, dying, so much Visual Kei will be purged from the internet. To make up for that, I've decided to start work on a project to sort of replace MH in that regard. But, I cannot do this on my own, which is why I'm asking for your help. If you're interested, join my discord server where we'll organize things https://discord.gg/mFeJ6C3Yvm
  4. Welp, since MH is closing, I want to ask all the major uploaders if they would be cool with helping me form a download site for rare Vkei. If you're interested, pop in this discord


  5. Himeaimichu

    Oh fuck they named a band after me lmao
  6. Well, fellas, we finally have Due Le Quartz PVs in high quality. All thanks to my friend, Kairu. You might know him has the guitarist of En'Cell Dis'Dein, a neo-Kote band.


  7. Himeaimichu

    DIMLIM and anything relating to them just ends up being a huge fucking bruh moment
  8. I used to think that one R-Shitei song where Mamo's autotune has the throat length setting made to make him sound like a girl was pretty cool...
    ...but now it just feels creepy to me

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bunny-Usagii


      Oml, I literally just found this band yesterday lol
      Now I'm curious heheh

      I listened to "帝都に死す", do they have more songs like that one?

    3. Himeaimichu
    4. Himeaimichu


      @Bunny-Usagii They have quite a few of them scattered through their discography

  9. KiTTiE was probably the closest the west ever got to Visual Kei, both visually and musically and cliche-wise. Their music honestly sounds like it inspired a lot of the Nu Metal Vkei bands that started coming out around 2003. 


  10. I keep forgetting I'm actually sort of known for making weird, cringey comments on YT as a teenager,

    and so I occasionally have people I have never seen before reply to me "How did you get here?" on certain videos lol

  11. IMO, I think we're reaching a point in time where we don't have to let the current trends define what we like. We're in an era where you can reproduce any art style from old times, with modern techniques, for not that much money.

    The future doesn't have to be minimalism or post-modernism. It can be whatever. I personally believe the ideal future is one where there is diversity in art, and where we're not as bound by time period. We're practically already at that point, but not exactly yet.

  12. If you so dearly miss the old Myspace and want a little nostalgia, make a Friendproject profile. It's a code-for-code ripoff of Myspace 1.0.


    Or you could do what all the cool kids are doing and make a Carrd, but fuck that, I'm using a myspace ripoff made by some weird christian guy that only minors use so I can relive a part of my childhood lmao. Just... without all the cool Pokemon RPers and stuff.


    Check out my profile! It's the most mid 2000's Vkei weeb shit you can get. It's super fun, but the site doesn't have much else to offer.


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    2. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      Man, I was a youngin' when Myspace was hip but even I remember these charmingly garish mid-2000s sites. Sent you a friend request btw!

    3. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      Lmao I'm glad to be the second person to join your VK group 

    4. Himeaimichu


      I'll be sure to accept the request! Hopefully more adults catch onto this site, because even though it's very archaic, I feel like it's got some strengths that modern social media could learn from. 

  13. So it's post-2012 R-Shitty.... but with electronics instead of guitars. I really hope one of the other former members does a Kote-Osa project that just blows the scene out the water... because this ain't it
  14. Is it just me or does it seem like mid 90's indie vkei isn't that well preserved? For the early 90's and late 90's, it's indies galore, but in the middle of the decade, there doesn't seem to be much that I can find.

    Maybe I just am not looking in the right places?

    If anyone's got any recs, I prefer the Deshabillz and Kamaitachi clones lmao

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