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  1. Nice, reminds me a lot of their earlier stuff but more refined, hoping they can continue with this sound for an album or two.
  2. yu-gi-oh is jojo's bizarre adventure with card games

  3. Manabu

    Not sure if this is the best place for it but I'm looking for a specific Luna Sea live, it was on youtube but taken down, unfortunately I can't remember the date or location but I can remember a few things It was from 2010 onwards They played Rosier Sugizo had a very worn black stratocaster During the solo of Rosier Ryuichi is doing jazz hands Sugizo is wearing a long blue coat, J is in a black vest with long dirty blonde hair, Ryuichi is in an all black suit Can't remember a huge amount more but if memory serves then it was quite a packed event, any help or ideas would be appreciated
  4. Manabu

    Well that shut me up!
  5. We're almost there, the year drawing to a close and hopefully a few days where we can forget about how bad everything has been and without further adieu How are you spending the holidays? (What holiday are you celebrating?) What presents are you hoping to receive? What presents are you planning to give? Have you been naughty or nice? (Feel free to answer as many or as few as you like) I'm at home with the parents, we're going to my sisters to see the whole family because the UK restrictions are being relaxed. As for gifts, I've mostly asked for CD's and books so hopefully I'll be spending some time enjoying Hide with spread beaver and reading some Junji Ito classics. I've picked up some toys for my nephews, skincare for my niece (very sad realising she's grown up and isn't content with dolls or colouring pencils anymore) and crafting items and books for the parents. Lastly, I'm confident in saying I'm on the nice list!
  6. Manabu

    Will 2020 stop at no one? Anyway, can't see this changing Mucc too drastically, iirc Sato didn't compose much if any of their music. Still though, it's sad to see one of the OG members leaving.
  7. Wow, all this time I thought it was people trading their beloved CD's Count me in!
  8. Manabu

    That's cool, I think with X Japan they're the kind of group that may seem boring to some but need to be respected for what they were doing, it's similar to what J Dilla did for hip-hop, it was new and ground breaking at the time. Can't say I know much about Shazna but I'd argue the likes of X Japan, Buck-Tick and D'erlanger had quite a lot of involvement in making VK popular
  9. Manabu

    VK is such an expansive genre that it might be easier if you tell us genre's you already like. Luna Sea are a great starting point because whilst X Japan are considered the founders of Visual Kei, Luna Sea really crafted the genre and were quite ahead of their time. Merry are another group that I'd massively recommended , quite a few different styles in their music but they're imo one of the most unique VK groups, if I had to I'd say they're a hard rock/punk group but they've got a lot of jazz influences. I'd recommend their greatest hits albums because you'll get the full scope of their music.
  10. Remember when Ace covered Wham's 'Last Christmas'!?

    Tomorrow is a great time to remember!

  11. Manabu

    Quite interesting to see how they progress as a 2 piece band but jeez, the shaky camera in the chorus was a really bad idea.
  12. Manabu

    This one isn't the best because Frantic Emiry did a good job of changing it but The intro guitar riff
  13. The vagueness of the statement is what really exacerbated this whole thing. This sounds like they're deciding their live future, if it goes well they'll play at venues, if not they'll restrict it to online streaming, I can't guarantee that but I feel this is to drum up some more intrigue.
  14. Manabu

    TL:DR Version Acidman - Alma Alice Nine - Gemini Baroque - Puer et Puella Chanty - Chantyの世界へようこそ Develop One's Faculties - Reincarnation Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - All that we have now Matenrou Opera - Avalon Radwimps - Zettai Zetsumei Honourable Mentions Amazarashi - ワンルーム叙事詩 Miyavi - What's My Name? Shounenki - Any EP/Mini Album
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