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  1. It was very fun here the 1,5 years I was able to be part of this community. Take care everyone!!

  2. Bunny-Usagii

    Can I get an invite to Jpopsuki from anyone? Link?
  3. Bunny-Usagii

    Bebikin was teasing on Twitter that they were recording stuff right? I think that was a few weeks ago already lol Also Babykingdom + dark shit doesn't happen very often lmao Only Mysterious parade, Kikikaikai uta and TOY&MAGIC I think have darker meanings. Yet all of them look and sound up beat ww
  4. Bunny-Usagii

    Yeah I thought so too when I saw it. Didn't really want to comment on it though. Well, one thing tho, the mask can stay up with ease lol To be honest when that video was uploaded last year about his surgery I already felt like he was going to regret it at some point. It just doesn't fit with the rest of his face, or just his entire body in general. He's very petite and there's nothing wrong with that, though he preferred to look more masculine. Which of course is understandable, but just enlarging his nose wasn't going to solve that "problem"...
  5. Bunny-Usagii

    (I added the solo photos that were just uploaded to the official website) I'm personally digging this new look, I'm expecting something heavy this time!
  6. Just now a new single planned for 17 February 2021 was announced on Visunavi! http://www.visunavi.com/news/379518/ Group shot Vocal: Kurosaki Mahiro Guitar: Sakai Mitsuki Guitar: Kujou Takemasa Bass: Isshiki Hiyori Drums: Tokai Junji The three songs spread over the A/B/C type cd's are 1.鵺 (Nue) 2.獄焔 (Goku hono) 3.蛾ゲハ蝶-再録- (Gagehachou rerecording)
  7. I just received the physical CD today! It comes with a code for an extra digital download, but you also need a code that comes with the Bluray for it to work. If anyone has the Bluray and wants to share the extra download please hit me up! (^^)
  8. Today on Bebikinhouse: Shiki's cleaning service

    1. anadentone


      shiki on all 4s *meow*

  9. Bunny-Usagii

    Noooooo!!! I really liked their stuff! Their concept and everything! I really do hope they come back as a human band (T A T)
  10. Bunny-Usagii

    It's sounds pretty good, not gonna lie. Though the vocals are kinda bland compared to his, other band. I don't wanna start this bs up again, but I still rather buy and album of the other band. Ignoring that, I do like laid-back music every once in a while, so I might give it a try if it gets on Spotify or something.
  11. Hello! A classmate and I have a very important school project which will be a large factor for graduating from high school, and we are focusing it on the development of English in Asia. We both want to become English teachers, so we would love to learn more about the English education in different countries. After researching for a long time we decided to pick Singapore, the Philippines and Japan. We made surveys for inhabitants of these countries that discusses not only education but also daily use and necessity. If there are any inhabitants of these three countries, or if you happen to know anyone from these countries, please take some time to fill in our survey or to share it if you will! Singapore: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1JDOE_ozUsge1q0m5YJJE3n9M3lZBubulJ0MJ4FXKhGA The Philippines: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wqOstHT2mdgBz1NAxoCXLdVaPAJ7wPSloS92RCFPBSY Japan: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1aqhBntg0tYEpABzz7QVk5ZQSwcF8e2Z6PVHNUhYlT0s
  12. Bunny-Usagii

    Monyo from Babykingdom like usual lmao
  13. I just ordered two new cd's yaay!!

    Jupiter: Warrior of Liberation

    Babykingdom: Shinobi*Supaichu D


    Very excited!

    1. Bunny-Usagii


      My Bebikin order got cancelled bc they ran out, but my Jupiter cd is in shipping process rn (TwT)

  14. Today on BPR: Babykingdom fucking dies

    1. anadentone


      Monyo on Bebiki channel- *seriousness*

      Monyo on BP channel- Hyper Dork chan!

  15. Bunny-Usagii

    Uhhh I have like one whole selfie on my phone that I don't even like that much, so have that lmao I hope to improve my look this year (earrings and hair mainly)
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