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  1. Elazmus

    Suuuuuuu---re sounds good ! Promising indeed and nice song so far
  2. Elazmus

    Everyone should spam their info until the last minute we have ! https://www.instagram.com/samuul_haigh/ https://twitter.com/Elazmus Message on anywhere for FB since I still use it for chat at least !
  3. Elazmus

    What a chance! To welcome our last user 😧 Glad to meet you hope you will move on with us to J-ROCK ONE !!
  4. Elazmus

    That was excellent, they always seem to come out of nowhere with a great song lol
  5. Happy b-day!


  6. Elazmus

    Wonderful look also a pretty sick trailer I love the constant film reference in their theme
  7. Really all the samples do sound good, I just realized this is a birthday release for me
  8. especially for this one I think. Much more interesting sounding than the last few releases!
  9. I love it, simply Tzk bringing back the qualities that people liked him for in MEJIBRAY. Let's see how this single is!! trembling bambi is doing at least as good if not a better job than 8p-sb anyway. By which I mean, I liked.. one of those songs once...
  10. Elazmus

    "swag on overload" how did we come to this lol?
  11. Elazmus

    Damn I was here thinking "All-I've"
  12. Elazmus

    Song is not bad, different for them so far. That lead riff is pretty dull though - excellent music video honestly lol
  13. Elazmus

    I am empowered by that CHINSTRAP
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