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  1. ohmygod I haven't seen you around for so long! how's life?

  2. thanks for the uploads:happy:

  3. akri

    great band and great voice♥
  4. akri

    they working fast anyway great news
  5. akri

    great news!!
  6. akri

    R.I.P Daisuke san!!
  7. akri

    So that is famous 7-sins!! looks intersting
  8. akri

    yes they are wanferful band!!^^
  9. akri

    I want listenning to them!! they are look like Sadie anyone has there myspace!?!
  10. akri

    yes u right! all the somgs on the cd is very Good!!
  11. akri

    one my favourite bands!
  12. akri

    I'm agree with u!!
  13. akri


  14. akri

    i liked them! they very good at there style!
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