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  1. Saw Dread Sovereign, Saturnalia Temple, The Ruins of Beverast and Wolvennest tonight. I was very excited to see Dread Sovereign and holy shit, they didn't let me down - they even exceeded my expectations! I might have not fully enjoyed the full set of Primordial last summer, but I feel like seeing Nemtheanga with Dread Sovereign makes up for it. What a fucking vocalist, what a performance. Everything was on point. The bass, the guitars, the drums. Damn. The Ruins of Beverast was pretty good, didn't enjoy as much as I enjoy listening to their music on my headphones but yeah. Good performance still! I've only listened to Exuvia and Rain Upon the Impure from them so far, so yeah. Both are fantastic but the latter is my favorite. Need to dig more. Saturnalia Temple was boring. Didn't expect much from them after listening to their new album Gravity. They're not bad though, I just can't get into their music I guess. And Wolvennest were very good. I saw clips on YouTube and I got mesmerized by their performance, but actually being at a concert of these guys is something else. The atmosphere is really unique. And they don't rely only on atmosphere because the music is heavy as fuck. I'm spinning the album Void as I write this commet, and I regret not doing it before. So good. Anyway, going to another concert tomorrow: Konkhra, Malevolent Creation and Krzysztof's Batushka. Really intrigued to see how this Batushka performs. Panihida is a very good album so I'm very excited! I'm wondering if he's gonna play stuff from Litourgiya though? I don't know. Anyway, the show is sold out so I hope I can find a good spot.
  2. Such good news! I can't wait and holy shit, two hours of Paysage d'Hiver? We're in for a treat! In other news... More drama in the black metal scene. Sadly, there's some bad news from Glaciation's side. I'll let Valnoir do the talking with these Instagram posts but... What the hell? I'm so mad reading this. Hreidmarr is nothing but scum. This is just shameful. I don't think that there's anything to do from Valnoir, Hugo and François since the guy now has the legal right to do with the band name what he wishes to... I wasn't aware of the new album tho? Definitely boycotting that shit. Also, not that it has something to do with the topic but I just saw that the guy is also a member of Baise Ma Hache. LOL Anyway, this just proves once again that it is always a good idea to legally protect anything you create and care for. One day you let someone in and next thing you know they steal it from you. Disgusting stuff.
  3. Visutox

    Watched it yesterday, and I agree with pretty much everything you wrote. You guys have to watch it! 10/10
  4. Haven't been here in a long time and when I come back I learn of THIS. I'm obviously mad about it but I can't say I'm surprised though? Haven't heard any news about them in a long time and that usually isn't a good sign. I'm gonna have to re-explore their discography, but my favorite is definitely Tara. Then again Absu was an incredible band. The Sun Of Tiphareth is a very good album too. And I also love their last album, Abzu. Yooo, this was one of my favorite albums from 2018! Glad seeing you mentioning it and reminding me of its existence, need to get back to it one of these days. As far as 2020 goes, I enjoyed the new Kawir and Odious Mortem albums. I feel like Kawir's new might grow on me a lot, we'll see.
  5. I need to re-spin the Mgła album because besides the last track which is a masterpiece, the rest of the album was kinda meh. The drumming is fantastic tho. I preferred the Kriegsmaschine album from last year, and oh boy those drums. Their new album is fucking brutal! And I was skeptical about it because almost 50 minutes of sheer brutality doesn't usually do it for me but man, I kept enjoying it until I realized it was over. Vitriol are fantastic too, can't wait to check out their new record! Such talented lads. In other news, yesterday I saw Dopethrone live and it was crazy as hell. What a gig! Also they had two local bands who opened for them, "Seethr" a black metal band from Antwerp and "Big Fat Lukum" (Sludge/Stoner) from Namur. Leaving some links here in case any of you are curious about them: https://seethr.bandcamp.com/ https://bigfatlukum.bandcamp.com
  6. Visutox

    What's everyone thoughts about the new album? It's funny because this is also how i felt about the title track but also about the whole album. It's as long as an album can get but it doesn't feel like it at all. Album's growing on me with every spin and I'm totally loving it.
  7. New Mayhem track: I think it sounds great. Really looking forward October 25th.
  8. Oh, I remember most of it. It's just that I wish I were sober because I would have enjoyed it more. They're indeed incredible. Wow indeed, the new Alcest song is brilliant. Very much looking forward the new album!
  9. Last Saturday I was at a festival in Belgium called Metal Méan. It was my first fest ever, and what an experience that was! The best band was definitely Midnight, they put out a hell of a show (like, literally). Athenar is so fucking cool too, him alone is a show in itself. My favorites were Midnight, Asphyx (got to chat with Martin and Alwin, they're awesome) and Zuriaake (really incredible performance, can't wait to see them again). Truth be told, I enjoyed all the concerts that day. The only downside were Au-Dessus, maybe because I didn't enjoy them as much as I think I would... Also, it was a shame that the lead guitarist of Mephorash had trouble with the sound level of his guitar. Vomitory and Incantation were brutal as fuck too. And for Primordial, I was too drunk to enjoy it properly but it was neat. Didn't get to see Bloodbath and Tormentor though, because the friend I went with had to work the next day and I depended on him in order to get back home. Definitely going next year too!
  10. Visutox

    Started Dead Cells two days ago, enjoying it so far!
  11. I'd say it depends more on the band than the genre itself, although there are some genres that provide with a bigger range of creativity than others as it has been stated. I sometimes find myself surprised to discover bands that are so damn original in genres where you have a ton of bands sounding all the same. Anyway, it's obviously difficult to sound fresh with all the music out there.
  12. First voting request of 2019 here we go: https://www.last.fm/fr/music/Bloodshot+Dawn/+images/b07964ec613b1039e366b830d1c3f574 https://www.last.fm/fr/music/Foscor/+images/22f8a0362d93f537efb6e6d201d07683
  13. Visutox

    Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell. Just started reading it so can't say much about it for now.
  14. Visutox

    Bird Box Okay this was very cool and intense, I loved every bit of it . Now I have a question about the movie, hope someone knows the answer. SPOILER ALERT ↓
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