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  1. Still waiting for the new sukekiyo demo songs to leak 😔

  2. Egnirys cimredopyh

    sukekiyo - Immortalis sukekiyo - Vitium sukekiyo - Adoratio sukekiyo - Infinitum (I’m sorry but they are amazing) Dir en grey - Arche Dimlim - Chedoara Creature Creature - Phantoms Buck-Tick - Atom Miraiha No. 9 9Goats Black Out - Tanatos 12012 - The Swan
  3. Hopefully these won’t take ages to leak...
  4. So expensive lmao but cant wait to hear the songs
  5. Egnirys cimredopyh

    That video is blocked too in my country lol
  6. Egnirys cimredopyh

    Is this real? Spotify is not available in my country
  7. Egnirys cimredopyh

    New album’s pretty good, mime mime is my favorite song, so catchy!
  8. Egnirys cimredopyh

    I don’t get whats so funny about the Hazuki collab song... is it because of weird Tatsurou vocals in the middle? I thought it was kinda cool
  9. Egnirys cimredopyh

    Kyo looks funny lol... not impressed by the song so far
  10. Egnirys cimredopyh

    Wait, there is going to be a music video for self hate? Thats cool, it’s one of my favorites
  11. Egnirys cimredopyh

    The kasumi single had a proper b-side too, I’m talking about fukai
  12. Egnirys cimredopyh

    Wow this sucks
  13. New mucc album is pretty fun

  14. Egnirys cimredopyh

    Another high quality video and another forgettable song
  15. Egnirys cimredopyh

    There are different previews available on itunes and i think they sound better... now i am more excited about the album
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