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Found 11 results

  1. I discovered today that Troy Baker, Robert Downey Jr and Ryan Gosling all have released albums at some point in their career. If anything, I hope this entertains you at least a little. Robert Downey Jr. is the worst one I found so far. Do you know of any other actors who have have released music? Any good releases out there? Ryan Gosling Robert Downey Jr Troy Baker
  2. Seimeisen

    Released: 2020年06月10日 01. 惡 -JUSTICE- 02. CRACK 03. アメリア 04. 神風 Over Drive 05. 海月 06. Friday the 13th 07. COBALT 08. SANDMAN 09. 目眩 (feat. 葉月) 10. スーパーヒーロー 11. DEAD or ALIVE 12. 自己嫌惡 13. アルファ 14. My WORLD 15. 生と死と君 16. スピカ Bonus Tracks: Terrace (CD hidden track) taboo (download card bonus track) 例えば僕が居なかったら (download card bonus track) Sooooo.... what do we think?
  3. リリース: 2020年3月18日 レーベル: rhenium records ▼収録曲 01.コントラポスト 02.視界不良 03.36.2° 04.good news 05.角砂糖 06.ゼラニウム 07.砂上、燃ユ。残像 08.pianoid 09.鮮やぐ視点 10.adaptation 11.stand alone What are your thoughts on the album?
  4. Few years back i kinda lost interest in the music which was mostly because of how super busy i was at the time and just never got round to listening or keeping up with all the news etc but after listening to some old songs/bands i loved years ago i wanted to see how the scene is now, anything you'd recommend that's super popular lately? Looking around i don't recognize hardly any of these current bands. To anyone who remembers me, hi, XD.
  5. This is something I've been thinking about the past few days. There are so many iconic bands in the scene, many who are no longer active (or perhaps just much different from their best-remembered eras), but we often discuss offhandedly bands or musicians who feel heavily inspired by or give a "similar feeling" as another band or musician. I'm not talking about "homage-kei," (this isn't a thread about グリーヴァ's GAUZE-era Diru covers) rather bands that seem to fill a certain niche within the context of the modern scene that perhaps another band did in their heyday. I guess the best way to say it is...which bands do you think have the "same energy?" (keep in mind this is just for fun, really - not trying to say any singular band is the same as, as good as, as profound as, etc. as any other band) _______________________ I'll start with one of the most obvious... DIMLIM and Dir en grey It's rare to hear mention of DIMLIM without mention of vocalist Sho's many "Kyo-isms," though I rarely feel those statements are made in a negative way. I mean, it's true -- he is the rare VK vocalist who manages to mimic not just the mannerisms of Kyo, but much of the range, tone, melody, and "noise" that Kyo has become known for. Maybe not with the same level of finesse or control, of course, but for a young musician in a new band, it's pretty impressive. With that being said, I think DIMLIM as a whole fills a certain particular niche in the scene that Vulgar/WTD-era Dir en grey did, taking heavy and chaotic song structures and injecting them with flourishes of melody. There is a certain atmosphere on both CHEDOARA and Vulgar/WTD (most specifically) that feels unlike other bands that may be doing something similar at face value. I know a ton of people who have been fans of Dir en grey for at least a period of time and I always recommend DIMLIM as "Dir en grey with their proggy nu-metal elements replaced with proggy metalcore elements." I don't think that's perfectly accurate, but at least a decent way to get new fans through the door. Both bands also have a ton of crossover potential, Dir en grey's already realized as they've become more and more well-known in western and European metal scenes, DIMLIM's found in the fact that they appear to be one of relatively few VK acts that play strictly VK shows as well as non-VK shows. For an audible example of why I feel this way, I'd personally put "...物狂ひ...なりて" and "朔-saku" side-by-side. Both tracks, in my opinion, manage to transition from fury to melody seamlessly without ever really sacrificing the "edge" of the song itself. The listener gets just enough "relief" from the chaos to get them ready to get tossed right back into it. The whole "heavy verse, poppy chorus" thing is done to death in modern metal, especially with many of the more popular metalcore bands of the early-mid 2010s, but the way it's handled here is notably different in that the mood of the song never feels lost to me - the atmosphere remains the same from beginning to end, it's just that the way it's expressed has changed. Place this all in the context of modern VK and I feel DIMLIM is "carrying the torch" in a way. Their style, at base level, is quite unlike that of Dir en grey (even now), but the threads that connect their sounds and the type of presence they have feels very similar to me. Hardly the same band, but much of the same energy. _______________________ That ended up much longer than anticipated, so I'll hold my other thoughts for a later post, but I'd really like to see what others think on this topic. I'm excited to see some fun comparisons.
  6. Nobody's posted another analysis yet, so I decided to put another one up. Hope that's okay! Japanese (Credit to 匂宮’s diary) English It doesn’t seem to me that the PV has a whole lot to do with the song itself, besides some idol pictures on the wall and Daisuke acting out writing letters to the idol, but Daisuke’s expressions and gestures are poignant and I feel like you can get the general image of some guy(s) being mentally disturbed. However, maybe I've missed something! Although the song is rather straightforward, I guess the part that really intrigues me is that how much overlap there seems to be between the idol and visual kei industry, especially in the way dating and information about bands are handled, promotion, etc. So I’ve often wondered if this song was also a tongue-in-cheek way of also talking about the way some gya think and behave. Besides the different slang both fan bases use, the main difference seems to be that idols generally like to promote the “girl next door” image, while visual kei usually goes for the “handsome prince” or “bad boy” image. In either case, however, they’re selling their fans a certain kind of fantasy. How would you analyze your interest in visual kei? What are your thoughts on the whole idol and/or visual kei concept? Do you think a certain kind person is more attracted to either or both scenes?
  7. I'm curious, what do/did everyone's parents here listen to? What do you think about their taste in music? Are there any particular songs that they enjoyed that you hated or enjoyed as well? Did your parents have any favorite songs? Did you think their taste influenced you at all? I always find these kinds of things interesting! As for me, well, my father was strictly a soul, funk, and old-school R&B fan. He absolutely loved The Temptations, Curtis Mayfield, Al Green, The Staple Singers and many of the old motown greats. He pretty much shunned any music outside of that, although he did admit to enjoying a few songs from our generation (a bit of hip hop and modern r&b.) One of his favs: My mother, on the other hand, was much more open-minded. She enjoyed everything my father did, but she also listened to variety of pop and rock from her era as well - like the carpenters, the mamas and the papas, black sabbath, yes, and so on. When I was growing up, I enjoyed a good amount of music that my parents did, but I always considered it "old people music". It wasn't until I actually got older (say around 19 or 20) that I actually began to appreciate the music they listened to. So yes, I think their taste has had a huge impact on me. Not only do I enjoy most of things they did, but I also seek out more recent bands/artists with similar sounds. I certainly have my mother to thank for her open-mindedness...although I listen to quite a few things now that she would confuse her, haha... lastly, both of my parents were huge Curtis Mayfield fans, although I remember my dad pointing out his genius to me in particular. The entire "Superfly" album is bad-ass and I'll jam to this even today!
  8. I figured most people are familiar with this song, and it's a song I thought deserved a better translation than some I've seen, so I decided hey, why not? *Disclaimer* Just to cover any bases, I'm putting this here because this song isn't really suitable for people who are underage, but then again the first one that@plastic_rainbowposted probably wasn't either. Now that that's out of the way... Japanese: English: PV: Some things to possibly consider: The ILLUMINATI believe that enlightenment, manifestation, or a God-like awareness can be achieved through orgasm. In the PV, the women in tanks and the members of the band are separated, but then seem to appear together in some simulated sexual fantasy. Is this some manifestation of each member's (or their character's) sexual desires where they are they are acting as members of the Illuminati, or is it some kind of sexual/mind experiment being performed by the Illuminati? You'll notice than in their alternate costumes for this concept, the band is dressed as doctors. At the end of the PV, all of the women die from violent causes. Is this carried out as they climax/orgasm, or has the enlightenment through orgasm theme been replaced with BDSM and violence instead? (Possibly for shock value?) Or are the women being sacrificed like Isaac? (Thanks@Peace Heavy mk II) Is this MALICE MIZER's retelling of biblical canon plus some kind of Illuminati sex ceremony, or what? Is there some way all of this imagery intersects with each other? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the matter!
  9. Most everyone I've shown my music to have expressed either neutral or negative thoughts about it. Even my father who's into a lot of nu-metal and a little bit of deathcore doesn't seem to have any reaction when I show him bands which suit those interests. Most people seem to bring up the language barrier a lot. Do you believe this to be a valid argument? Or do you believe this is just a cover up for an ingrained racial bias? What are your experiences when sharing your music to others?
  10. fitear1590

    I think it's pretty clear that many music buffs tend to be more album-oriented. Just look, year end lists tend to consist only of albums! EPs/mini-albums squeak their way onto these lists occasionally, but it's not often that maxi-singles get any attention. "If the title track is included on an album, then why bother talking about the maxi-single release!" Well, this thread is to help us mend that ideology. While the OR team is taking strides towards more recognition of individual tracks (see our monthly and year-end best track lists), this topic is to help recognize notable (maxi-)singles that might have been overlooked in all the hubbub over albums. Discuss some of your favorite (maxi-)singles here! A few pointers: 1) If the release is a single (i.e 1 track, no b-sides), it must not be included on any of the given band's albums/EPs/mini-albums (greatest hits collections are excluded). You can fudge this rule if the single recording is different from the version included on another release. 2) If the release is a maxi-single (usually a single track, with 1-3 b-sides/SE/instrumentals), the entirety of the release must be of note for you. And preferably, the b-sides should not have shown up on any of the given band's albums/EPs/mini-albums. 3) For now, let's keep this limited to Japanese music (but any scenes/genres are welcome!). 4) Share your (maxi-)singles with a little blurb about why you chose it. If you can provide links (YouTube, etc.), do it! So let's get this started! I'll share a few that I have in mind later.
  11. Peace Heavy mk II

    Bands tend to have a song that 'made' them, be it a fan favorite or thrust them into the limelight. What is -THE- song for your favorite bands and do you agree with it? If not, what do you feel should be -THE- song? Penicillin: "ロマンス" This song pretty much took them from being popular to god-tier in the late 90s, and according to the oricon chart site floating around in some other threads, the single for this song itself outsold most of today's popular band's discographies entirely. This song is also on every collection album and omnibus ever, and each tribute album will undoubtedly contain this song. Do I agree with this choice? Ehh, not really. While I do like the song, I don't feel it is their absolute best. If I had to pick another song to represent them, I'd pick something like "Chaos" or maybe even "Nightmare Before Christmas" (even if they didn't write it, but w/e). I do really like Nano's cover of "ロマンス," though (Nano was a side project of Penicillin's vocalist and guitarist). Madeth Gray'll: "Lucifer" Pretty much the pinnacle of visual-kei's 90s gawf scene, this song encompasses everything that style of music considers near and dear: fake pipe organ, frilly acoustic guitar filler, a vocalist that can't hold a high note, twangy bass, and flowery flourishes that'll make feel so gaudy you'll need to shower to wash off the 2nd-hand black lipstick. Plus, there's modulation at the end and a song structure that's actually not garage band simple. So is god's ex-favorite angel enough to represent them? I will go with yes. While their fans argue about what the 'best' Madeth song is, usually bickering amongst "Lucifer," "Missantroop," and "Entith de marge," I do feel that this song best represents their progression as a band and thematically ties them together exceptionally well. While my favorite song of their changes dependent on my mood, I do feel "Lucifer" is an accurate call for their -THE- song.
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