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  1. Lestat

    Can anyone translate what exactly this says? Is this the only place where it may be purchased?
  2. Lestat

    Series; Hellsing Ultimate Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu Gankutsuou Wolf’s Rain Casshern Sins Movies; Vampire Hunter D (2000) Redline Juubee Ninpuuchou Arion Tibet Inu Monogatari Might have started watching around 2010, with the exception of children’s shows and whatever was dubbed on television here.
  3. https://m.imgur.com/gallery/RJzq8AT Just saw this pop up on my feed. Interesting...
  4. Lestat

    Xbox One and 360, and a bit of 3DS here and there. Plan on getting the Switch Lite sometime this year.
  5. Japanese — Band: X Japan Album: Versailles - Jubilee Song: Gackt - Fragrance Universal — Band: KISS Album: Guns N’ Roses - Use Your Illusion II Song: Alice Cooper - Halo Of Flies No real choice on songs, there’s just too many good ones. These were simply the ones that popped up first.
  6. Lestat

    I don’t join if I don’t feel dedicated to the theme. I suppose a lot of people do... There’s not really a way to implement some harsher rules, is there? At least I don’t see it making sense on a free forum like this.
  7. Lestat

    Marvel hasn't done a good movie since X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) apart from the X-Men installment itself and Wolverine. The entire Marvel Cinematic Universe is pandering so heavily towards the millenial meme-generation with its constant usage of comic relief, 4th wall breaking and lightheartedness, and has little respect for the original comics. I'll take DC over Marvel any day.
  8. Lestat

    Depends on your political interests. I'm very right leaning and I personally cannot stand the average social justice warrior writer or actor for their individual spoutings of nonsense on Twitter. There's some I adore for the books they write or the roles they play, but if I'm seeing J.K. Rowling's incessant pressure of 'wE nEeDz InTeRrAcIaL mArRiAgEs FoR EvErYoNe' and 'HeRmIoNe ShOuLd Be A bLaCk MuSlIm LeSbIaN' she can go sod right off. Lovecraft is a different story. The guy was born in an entirely separate time from ours and you cannot compare the late 19th century / early 20th century to ours whatsoever. And for his writings; it's fiction. Get over it if Cthulhu has a distaste for the Chinese or whatever the fuck you can uncover from his warped words. The majority of people during those times were racists. For another thing, Antifa are actively looking to stir up drama where there isn't. If I remember correctly there have been at least five black metal bands in the past few months who haven't been able to finish their tours or been refused playtime during festivals and the like because these liberals think it's either necessary to threaten the venue or bands personally and thus gigs have been cancelled out of safety, or they've gotten the venues and / or municipalities to believe the bands have racist / national-socialist intentions whereas most black metal bands don't give a damn about political leanings and want to be left alone on the subject. It's just disgusting.
  9. Cute at most. The video is fun to watch and reminds me of the clips modern Glam metal bands do (I guess CHARGEEEEEE had a say in that, mostly). But yeah, the video is all they've got going for them which is unfortunate because this is such a strong lineup. Theme is too sugary for 'punk' and especially Rena's facemask look doesn't go well with the music.
  10. Lestat

    Kyo, he’s a runt. I could kill him with a pebble.
  11. Lestat

    幻想曲~Eternal Silence~ 2.0 Apart from the piano sitting a bit too loud on top of the mix, this is pretty good. Was waiting for the vocalist to belt out some growls but I’m glad he didn’t – we need more clean singing in 2019.
  12. Lestat

    People shouldn’t watch the dubbed version in the first place.
  13. Resurrecting this thread after some notes in random thoughts. I’ve always leaned so much towards sUBHUMAN rACE and in all honesty I think it might be my primary Skid Row album. Listening to this for the first time was an introductory experience with grittier music. ‘Into Another’, ‘Eileen’, ‘Breakin’ Down’ and the face smashing ‘Beat Yourself Blind’ are among favourites — the tone they set with this was just dark and heavy and I loved it.
  14. Lestat

    Jealous as hell here, Michael always skips the Netherlands. I did have the opportunity to see L.A. Guns with Phil and Tracii last year though! Still waiting for Sebastian to come back here too. He’s played close to me a few times but without me realising while my room used to basically bathe in Baz, obviously. I had the biggest crush on him. Skid Row... I don’t see it happening (Rachel please). Tom Keifer C̶i̶n̶d̶e̶r̶e̶l̶l̶a̶ is still on my wishlist, but a girl can dream. Would also love to see some bands like Poison or Ratt, but I doubt they’ll ever tour Europe.
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