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  1. Did we ever figure out why exactly? I don't understand how you can get blacklisted from all the live houses in japan. I still feel like he's one of the best visual kei vocalists around if he's allowed to create and prosper.
  2. lichtlune

    alternative is a bit of a vague rock genre to me have you expanded your musical tastes in rock or metal outside of visual kei? If you're unsure what kind of rock or metal you like it makes it very hard to recommend stuff since visual kei fans aren't a monolith and we all sorta like our own stuff. As for me I really enjoy Kamijo's bands and stuff like malice mizer, moi dix mois, UnsraW, metis gretel, nightmare, etc.
  3. lichtlune

    1: Yukiko Okada 2: KAMIJO 3: Malice Mizer 4: Hiromi Iwasaki 5: UnsraW
  4. lichtlune

  5. lichtlune

    I wonder if this is still happening fucking covid-19.
  6. Considering changing my tags to this for last.fm lol
  7. lichtlune

    I don't really like modern visual kei bands that much even the so called "good" bands like kizu or DIMLIM so I've already sort of turned over a bit. I noticed that my listening habits were getting stale and that my last.fm scrobbles were getting lower and lower every year so something had to change. Then I found 80s jpop and my interest in Japanese music has risen quite substantially again I think. I hope we see another western boom again in the scene soon but who knows if I will even enjoy the music if and when that occurs.
  8. 80s jpop is 🔥 why did it take me so long to get into this stuff? 


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    2. lichtlune


      @Tokage I hate that I actually enjoy this. @少女椿 I like puzzle. 😀

    3. RickBuch


      Yes, since then i never found her stuff to download, and yes, she has the yukiko vibe

    4. RickBuch


      And one last recommendation, from what would be on my "best of 80s idol" mix tape


  9. lichtlune

    Too manufactured and I don't respect the industry. I prefer an industry where the artists have creative freedom it has nothing to do with whether I like or dislike pop or rap music or anything of the sort. I can respect artists in any genre if I feel like what they're doing is genuine and heart felt.
  10. Not sure if it's as good as the original but it improves on some things! This is awesome.
  11. I wish he'd release the music digitally or by CD or something and not only through youtube.
  12. lichtlune

    I wonder if covid-19 will get in the way of HGP and Versailles revivals I hope not. Of course safety comes first though.
  13. lichtlune

    This type of shit infuriates me so much no one truly gives a shit though when it comes down to it.
  14. lichtlune

    I think you would like heavier DADAROMA tbh.
  15. lichtlune

    Nice 3 headed monster there I look forward to it.
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