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  1. Zero445

    I'm with Lichtlune, they were a bit of a disappointment for me too :/ Now we can look forward to the comeback of art cube (?)
  2. Zero445

    That's a good one!
  3. RENTRER EN SOI MUCC Dir en grey Onmyouza 12012 Moran deadman xaa-xaa DEAD END BUCK-TICK Kuroyume
  4. Zero445

    E sabe me dizer o que tenho que fazer?
  5. Zero445

    Hey! Me tirem uma duvida por favor? Tenho essa conta desde 2014, mas nunca entrei muito. O que houve com a sessão de downloads? D:
  6. Zero445

    I've been listen to Madeth Gray'll for a short time. But i fell in love with them when i first listen to Missantroop and 空中都市~in the zalemu~ Hisui's vocals fits perfectly in the songs even when he is off key...which happens a lot
  7. RENTRER EN SOI MUCC Dir en grey Onmyo-za 12012 Polter Geist Koan deadman Taake Awake The Dreamer Dead End
  8. Malice Mizer RENTRER EN SOI MUCC THE NOVEMBERS heidi. Lareine Grieva Dir en grey Merry Onmyo-za BugLug
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