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  1. porawantstodie

    They were one of my favourites damn...
  2. porawantstodie

    I usually do that with people I really like, for example I've been following the singer from gulu gulu (idk by which name he goes by now) since he was in kuroyuri to kage and then I started listening to the songs they had as memento mori. I really like his voice, he's very talented and surprisingly I always find all his music really good. And apart from him if one of my favourite bands disband I usually try to follow what the members will be doing or what've they done because it's a good way to discover new bands or their old bands.
  3. porawantstodie

    dude nazare was one of the good bands left, they will be missed indeed. At least we can hope to see the other members in new bands and we'll hope for the best for Mio
  4. porawantstodie

    I've always asked the same question, maybe he isn't involved in the music industry anymore 🤔
  5. porawantstodie

    Well I don't know, it's just that I've been changing my music taste so much throughout my life until I discovered visual kei. I remember when I was a kid I really didn't like heave music, rock and stuff but one day as a kid I came across a dadaroma song and I was like "oooh a song in japanese wow" and as the anime fan I was I clicked the video and the first thing I thought and I still remember to this day was that it was so weird, I really didn't pay attention to the song I was just hella traumatized from what I was overall seeing and listening, so I was like nope and never thought about it again. But years later I started getting into vk because I came across the gazette one day while I was watching youtube videos, and it was so different from the rock and heavy music my father listened, it sounded almost like that but I found the band dudes so cool with their makeup and hairstyles that I inmediately loved it and started discovering new bands and songs. So rn I don't know exactly why do I love it but it has influenced my life so much that I'm so glad I gave it a second try, like hell, I didn't even remembered I had listened to dadaroma before until the day I came across that same song and it was like a deja vu experience, still hilarious to think about it. But yeah I think it's like because the music and the visuals, like japanese fits so good in this type of music and I kinda like the fact that I can't understand almost anything, also the androgynous style of the members of the bands is so unique that I can't help but love it.
  6. porawantstodie

    I was waiting for someone to say something about this here because as I don't understand japanese I couldn't read the announcement and I really wanted to know how he fucked up😂 I really hope they don't disband tho
  7. Omg finally, Crucifixion has been sooo dead
  8. porawantstodie

    Wow this seems amazing 😳
  9. porawantstodie

    Yeah I think the most expected thing is that they'll disband because it's pretty hard recovering with only what, two members left? Still a pity they were so talented smh but also I think it's for the best rn. And as you say I too will be keeping an eye on Sho because he's an amazing vocalist
  10. porawantstodie

    This album was such a let down, I mean they can do whatever the hell they want so go on change styles but it's just some wasted talent man... Chedoara and previous releases were so much better, even when they started changing a bit in rijin it was still good but this is just plain, boring and forgettable like you could play any of the songs in the album rn and I wouldn't be able to tell which one is it
  11. porawantstodie

    How sad, he was my favourite member :(
  12. porawantstodie

    So yesterday I was checking various band sites and casually I entered in Zerocre's one, but the first thing that caught my eye was that Usa was removed from the image that shows all the members. At first I thought it was just an error so I checked the profile section and of course Usa was not there too. The first thing that I thought was that he has left the band but in the News section there's nothing about it. I also tried searching in different websites but none provided any information. Does anyone know something about this? Has he left the band or is he in hiatus? I'm kinda worried tbh so any information or teory is welcomed
  13. Their looks are gradually getting more bland and I don't want a second Pentagon ;-;
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