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  1. hyuugaxxx

    When I say that Lil Peep fucked DIMLIM. I mean, since when Retsu started expressing his taste for this artist, and started to get into a "sab boy trapper" vibe, DIMLIM itself started to change. Well ... VK inspires me, VK makes me cry, VK saved me. (Only artistically, because I don’t wear makeup or anything). 😅 For all that I said above, I confess that it makes me too sad with the change of the band in general. For DIMLIM FOR ME was the embodiment of everything I loved. It was my FAVORITE BAND, the band that made me have all my SKIN EMOTIONS, what a bonus was VISUAL KEI, my favorite expression of art. Damn, I remember the first time I heard CHEDOARA ... damn, that feeling WAS MAGIC! I remember washing dishes when I heard them (lol) and when I heard the first note of GROTESQUE it was as if everything around me made sense, tears came out of my eyes. I had a soul in that ... it was a special moment for me. I feel that with this change, I will not feel it anymore. Because with MISC. when I fucking first heard it, it was the opposite of my feelings about the first album. I was so sad and frustrated, I watched my favorite band fall apart in front of me. Today I already accept MISC better, it is the album that I hear the most, not because it is my favorite, but because if I listen to others and I get sad and depressed, then that's what I have left to hear Sho sing. Anyway, whether this change is Retsu's ego or not, I don't know. But as a fan I was so fucking offended by the lyrics of "What's up?" it was like a punch in the face. (but already passed) Sho remains my favorite vocalist, I hope he never stops singing. If I look at them nowadays, it's only for Sho.
  2. hyuugaxxx

    I only have one thing to say: "Lil Peep fucked DIMLIM" HAHAHA 😅 Joking apart... Well, I agree with the fans who are disappointed with the band because they are being blocked by Retsu (or whoever) just because they are expressing their opinion about the current DIMLIM. In fact, blocking a fan for giving an opinion, or expressing some kind of feeling, even if it is "negative", is not at all democratic, don't you think? How he wants to win over audiences if he disregards the opinion of the old public that is contrary to MISC. - I tell him (Retsu) because he has a history of blocking everyone with adverse opinions to him. He did this when he still had his official Twitter profile (or there is, I don't care, I don't follow him anymore). Conclusion: Did they want to leave visua kei? OK. Did you jump from metalcore to mathrock? OK. However I, like a fucking fan, have every right to feel SAD and DISSAPOINTED about it. As long as I'm not offending or attacking him, and he blocks me out of being sad, he's YES being a son of a bitch asshole. I love Sho, he is my favorite artist at the moment, EVERYTHING about him matters to me. The thing I'm going to miss most is going to have that anxiety to see how his next look will be. To know the way in which he will express the feeling of the lyrics of the current release with the new look (like when he did it on Rijin). Visual kei is that, art being expressed beyond composition. Retsu "trivialized" it all by calling it "makeup". VK goes beyond bangyas doing furi, and unfortunately, it's a shame that he didn't dig it, but I respect it. 😕 I am also grateful to him, for being one of the main minds in creating one of the best albums I have ever heard, CHEDOARA. I sincerely hope that he is not an asshole as almost everyone supposes here.
  3. hyuugaxxx

    Where did this information come from, that their workload was 30 hours?
  4. hyuugaxxx

    I'm really sad about this sudden announcement. I always criticized NAZARE for the fact that almost all of the songs sound the same to me and are repetitive, but I always admired Mio as a vocalist. His high-pitched vocal became the mark and the symbol of became NAZARE, really, there would be no other vocal to take his place. Now I hope that he takes care of his mental health and that one day he will return to the stage with everything, he is a great artist
  5. hyuugaxxx

    In fact yes, Sho stated in an interview for TOPPA in 2019 that he has Dissociative Disorder, and that Rijin is basically about the disorder. Edit: https://toppamedia.com/interview-2019-6-dimlim-sho-vo/ ⬆️ interview link ⬆️
  6. hyuugaxxx

    But the Sho keeps on singing 🤔🤔
  7. hyuugaxxx

    who are the others?
  8. hyuugaxxx

    DIMLIM is in the scene basically independently, and without money for almost everything and even then their releases are of great quality. Kizu, for me, everything that came after the single "Zero" is horrible and repetitive for me. So my vote will always be for DIMLIM, in any case, always.
  9. hyuugaxxx

    Shirts like that, with the band's identity! Shirts made for fans, you know? I AM VERY PROUD TO BE A FAN OF DIMLIM, USING ONE OF THESE WOULD BE AWESOME!!!
  10. hyuugaxxx

    Yes, they are great shirt prints, but what about DIMLIM has in them? Well, I don't see anything. For me it's just a bunch of good shirt prints to dress a "sad boy" rapper.
  11. hyuugaxxx

    Se você quer vender muito (pelo menos aqui no exterior), precisa fazer impressões de blusas com a foto da banda, com coisas relacionadas à banda. Por exemplo: camisa com os temas Rijin, Shigarami, Aizou ni Tsuki, MISC. etc... Essas blusas da loja são realmente lindas, mas ninguém que olha para elas reconhece DIMLIM nelas, sabe?
  12. hyuugaxxx

    My access was allowed, thank you very much
  13. hyuugaxxx

    I do not know how to do this. Can you help me?
  14. hyuugaxxx

    There's no way to access!
  15. hyuugaxxx

    I really want to hear NEMOPHILA, but almost all of NAZARE's songs sound so similar to me. Most of the time it just seems like an attempt by Issei to look pretty brutal. As if he was trying and trying to use the formula that worked with DIMLIM in Aharewata... Mio has so much potential to keep doing the same type of vocal all the time.
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