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  1. nomemorial

    Ok - I'm going to chime in here. I do not know you and I am not going to make assumptions about you, but people are trying to get you to analyze your own actions so you can more productively contribute to discussion. I do not think you realize how you come off, but your posts read very contrarian and combative even when you're not being approached that way. There is a difference between defending a fave and ignoring/downplaying any/all criticisms. Criticism can be a good thing - everyone here is trying to show you this in regards to yourself and the band.
  2. nomemorial

    I usually just lurk this thread now since it's always just varying degrees of Dimlim Derangement Syndrome™ from both sides of the spectrum, but...@Tinseldistress hit the nail on the head 👏
  3. nomemorial

    That PV is great! Songwriting on all these tracks is really strong - reminds me of everything that got me into VK while not feeling derivative.
  4. nomemorial

    This is good. Legit can't tell if the vocalist is female or if it's just a case of Yumeleep voice.
  5. nomemorial

    Gonna just repeat my thoughts on DIMLIM for the zillionth time (as someone who loved them) - MISC. should have been an EP and they need to fill out their lineup before they start "touring the world" because I don't think they realize that playing with backtracks has like...way worse connotations in other scenes/countries than it does in the context of VK (and it sounds worse).
  6. nomemorial

    This rules. 100% on board.
  7. nomemorial

    Absolutely loooooooove this. Will probably be my AOTY or very close. Not a single bad track here and "LIVE FREELY" is such an uplifting sounding song to finish the album with. My expectations were high and I'd say they've definitely been exceeded.
  8. nomemorial

    This band is disgustingly good, if this is any indication of the rest of the album we're looking at AOTY material.
  9. nomemorial

    Every time something new pops up from these guys, I enjoy it. Really need to listen to them more.
  10. Sounds fantastic, good blend of their heavier stuff with melody that hearkens back to some earlier works.
  11. I have a very fast metabolism and it has, admittedly, made me very lazy. I've had a few longstanding workout routines that end up falling apart after a few months-a year for various reasons. Used to have access to a company gym at work and that was really great - would get a solid 30-45 minutes in every other day which felt pretty good (at the very least better than nothing). When I moved (and thus started working remote) I changed over to a home workout routine - nothing too intense, some app-based ab/push-up/squat routines that I switched off on each day, but then I got into the process of buying a house and quarantine happened and...you know how it goes. Ironically, I just started running today for the first time in years? Told myself that was gonna be my "2020" thing and then 2020 happened and I kept finding reasons to push it off until right now. Needless to say, I found out how out of shape I am very quickly (I've always been bad at cardio...), but I'm excited to try and stick to a new routine and see improvement. As I get older I really feel the importance of staying fit instead of falling into the trappings of age, especially since I know falling entirely out of shape will be much harder to reverse the older I get.
  12. This news made my entire day, crossing my fingers so hard that I'll have the chance to see them play.
  13. First time listening to these guys and I am...very impressed?? Nice balance of heavier moments with melody.
  14. nomemorial

    You're one step ahead of me, hahaha - just tracked it down in the same place. This made my day!! Thank you!!
  15. nomemorial

    Thank you so much for listening and for the kind words! I have no clue where that EP even exists, if I'm being honest (I don't even know who the person who put it on YouTube is hahahaha), but if I ever track it down I'll gladly let you know when it hits the web. Thanks again!!
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