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Found 18 results

  1. Help choose the theme for the next trade off! Also feel free to suggest some others, however the one with the most votes will be the theme for the upcoming December music trade off. Please try to vote only if you plan to participate. For new comers, a trade off is a forum wide event where participants are paired up and deliver a mix tape centered around a theme to each other. (it's a lot of fun and a way to share the music you love, pls feel free to join) Poll closes in a week.
  2. I can't really stomach fizzy drinks, but every once in a while I'll treat myself to 7-up or a bottle of Ramune if I come across one. Sprite and Mountain Dew are wayyy to sweet imo, I haven't had any in over a decade.
  3. The poll question says it all really... whats the best jrock/VK song that has the classic [censored] beep in it? I don't really think Japan has an RIAA/FCC as such (and it's not like these indie VK bands are trying to get mainstream radio airplay with these songs), so these are instances of the band censoring words as a stylistic choice. And I really like all these songs... so hopefully you have examples of others to share! Deg's Mazohyst of Decadence is probably the most famous of the songs listed if you need an example of what I'm talking about. I voted for Merry Go Round's track myself... one of my fave songs.
  4. How do you usually browse MH? I prefer doing it from my desktop because of how the website is laid out. I also try to use the browser version of most websites if I can.
  5. How and why do you keep active? (or why not?) Especially with gyms being closed and working from home, keeping active can be a bit of a challenge lately. Personally, I enjoy exercise. if I don't move, my joints and muscles give me hell so it's like I have no choice but to enjoy it 😅 I love going on long walks, hula hooping and doing yoga/pilates and I try to stretch often throughout my day. I hate cardio focused routines.
  6. In the past three years plants have become a raging trend. Are you a plant hoarder or do you not really care for it? I grew up watching my grandma grow most of her food from her backyard so I learned a thing or two. Once I finally had my own space I started to try growing stuff, so this summer even though I live in an apartment I've been growing basil, chives, coriander, lavender, chamomile and sunflowers and I'm trying to grow some other flowers to attract bees. I'm not too much of a fan of simply ornamental leafy plants, but I would like to get a monstera at some point. I also have other houseplants like spider plants, pileas, hen-and-chick and aloe veras. I tried growing chilli plants but had 0 success. At the moment I'm battling a gnat infestation (they're like fruit flies )
  7. Some bodily functions can be an inconvenience or hindrance. Once my friend said he'd get rid of the need to eat if he could, I thought he was crazy because eating is one of the best things about being human. I thought sleep would be a good one to get rid off as it takes up most of our life, but it's nice to turn off the conscious mind. I absolutely hate sweating but it doesn't get in the way of anything. Really, urinary/excretory related functions are a real problem. If you want to go on an adventure, or just get stuck somewhere with no toilet, it's the worst. Which would you pick, considering that taking it out wouldn't impact your body/life negatively?
  8. Whether you're a fan of Harry Potter or not, you will probably have taken the test to find out which Hogwarts house you belong in. If you haven't taken the test yet, you can do so here Do you find that your house matches your traits/personality? Do you wish you belonged to another house? Do you think Slytherin is inherently evil? I'm a Ravenclaw and I find that it suits me well, but I do identify with some of the Hufflepuff characteristics too.
  9. The next Monochrome Heaven music trade-off will be soon and we need your help choosing the theme!
  10. MEJIBRAY VS. DIAURA Ok, the battle is on! 2 bands that are relatively new to the VK scene - for some representing the hope for VK and for others it's decline. Which band do you think is better AND WHY?
  11. I'm asking this question out of curiousity. I've come across numerous people in the past who have told me they pay significantly less attention to solo artists as opposed to bands. But at the time I never asked why. How do you feel about this? In rock music, are solo artists just generally viewed as inferior to bands? Note that I do NOT mean a full-on rock band vs a singer-songwriter (singer and acoustic guitar). A good example of what I mean is a solo artist like Gackt vs a band like The Gazette. Generally rock-band style instrumentation, both of them. In some cases, I'm sure it is because that fan was a fan of that solo artist's band before they became a solo artist. Or maybe they just think bands are more interesting, or somehow more legitimate? Assuming a band and a solo artist are in the same genre, does this "bands are cooler than solo artists" idea hold any weight whatsoever, or is it just some strange stigma? I don't believe so, but I'm really interested to find out others' views. For example I love Gackt, but I have little interest in Malice Mizer. I love Motley Crue yet I also love Vince Neil's solo stuff. I'm a Billy Idol fan, but I'm not so interested in Generation X. Thanks for your insight!
  12. Okay people, so as you all know, I enjoy uploading a good amount of VK. In my time, I have managed to upload some stuff from the precursors of VK to the very present. What I would like to know though... is which era of VK is YOUR favorite?? Now just to make a few things clear: - The eras are absolutely NOT definitive, meaning that the bands I chose to represent the eras on here are just from their popularity at the time, as well as reflecting the attitude I think is appropriate for the time period. - Yes, I KNOW THERE ARE MORE BANDS THAT CAN FIT/REPRESENT THE TIME-PERIOD. For the sake of time though, I only chose five of each category/choice. Mainly because it's 7AM and my parents are confused as why I'm still awake. With that all out of the way, I ask YOU fellow MH-heads: which era of VK is YOUR favorite? Which wave are you on?? PRE-WAVE aka THE PRECURSORS!! (circa 1984~1988) ~D'ERLANGER~ ~Uchoten (有頂天)~ ~BUCK-TICK~ ~Kinniku Shojo Tai (筋肉少女帯)~ ~ZIGGY~ THE FIRST WAVE (circa 1988~1993) ~X JAPAN~ ~COLOR~ ~BY-SEXUAL~ ~Kamaitachi (かまいたち)~ ~LUNA SEA~ THE SECOND WAVE (circa 1993~1997) ~Kuroyume (黒夢)~ ~GLAY~ ~L'Arc~en~Ciel~ ~MALICE MIZER~ ~LAREINE~ THE THIRD WAVE (circa 1997 through 2001) ~SHAZNA~ ~La'cryma Christi~ ~FANATIC CRISIS~ ~PIERROT~ ~Dir en grey~ THE FOURTH WAVE (circa 2001~2005) ~Psycho le Cemu~ ~MUCC~ ~An Cafe~ ~the GazettE~ ~SID (シド)~ THE FIFTH WAVE (circa 2005~2010) ~Kagrra~ ~D~ ~Phantasmagoria~ ~Megamasso (メガマソ)~ ~Versailles~ THE SIXTH WAVE (circa 2010~2013) ~DOG inTHE PWO~ ~SCREW~ ~Kiryu (己龍)~ ~NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST~ ~Golden Bomber (ゴールデンボンバー)~ THE SEVENTH WAVE aka THE CURRENT-GRADUATING WAVE (circa 2013~2017) ~MEJIBRAY~ ~DEZERT~ ~AvelCain~ ~D.I.D.~ ~DADAROMA~
  13. yakihiko

    So, Maverick is going to have a event called BATTLE ARENA and I thought with myself, this would be interesting to know mh's members opinions and taste Info: http://www.maverick-dci.com/battlearena/ This is battle's line-up: MUCC vs SID UNITE vs カメレオ ギルガメッシュ vs DIV Between those which would you choose to win? Also, set a video (MV or Live) from one of the bands you picked to others members watch and know why you choose them. I go for MUCC, カメレオ, DIV. and pick MUCC's Live: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCqfQiHvgo0
  14. Happy new year! First of all, thanks for making my first poll a success (single vs ep vs album)! I have another poll Me personally, I tend to buy more digital downloads, unless I really really want a physical copy. The type of physical copy doesn't matter so much, whether it is CD, CDR, cassette, vinyl, what have you. Sometimes its just cool to have the physical copy. If the option is there, maybe signed. I am quite curious though as to people's general preferences for WHERE they get their music. If I have the option, I would probably buy it direct from the band/artist rather than go through another store, seeing as that way the artist gets the majority of my money, instead of CD Baby taking $4 from each CD or something. But just the same, I tend to gravitate toward iTunes for digital purchases...maybe that is just engrained in my habits from many years Thoughts and opinions? Thanks!
  15. OGRE YOU ASSHOLE Full Albums: 2005年12月7日 OGRE YOU ASSHOLE 2007年10月3日 アルファベータ vs. ラムダ 2009年10月7日 フォグランプ 2011年8月24日 homely 2012年9月19日 100年後 2014年10月15日 ペーパークラフト VS. LOSTAGE Full Albums: 2006年1月25日 PLAY WITH ISOLATION 2007年7月18日 DRAMA 2009年3月25日 GO 2010年6月02日 LOSTAGE 2012年7月11日 ECHOES 2014年8月06日 GUITAR Ok, the battle is on! 2 bands that formed in 2001 and went on to become revered heavyweights of Japanese indie rock. Both bands also have 6 full albums under their belt. Which band do you think is better AND WHY?
  16. 凛として時雨 (ling tosite sigure) VS. 9mm parabellum bullet Ok, the battle is on! 2 bands that were once both on the cutting edge of the Japanese indie scene and are now major (and have been for some time now). Which band do you think is better AND WHY?
  17. 赤い公園 (akai koen) VS. tricot Ok, the battle is on! Japanese indie fans should be familiar with these 2 almost completely female oriented bands (tricot has a male drummer). Both bands are fairly new and appeared on the scene within the past few and both have released their first full albums this year after a string of EPs. Which band do you think is better AND WHY?
  18. Out of these 2 very amazing bands, which one delivers the most unique, melodious sound to the VK scene? I, myself, love Amber Gris, but 9GOATS BLACK OUT has the most amazing music in the japanese music scene, to my ears. What are your thoughts?
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