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Found 682 results

  1. Trombe

    THE HAKKIN will hold their last live "バブル崩壊(bubble houkai)" at Shinjuku URGA at 2015/11/14, at which リムキャット(rim cat) & Proxyon will be opening act
  2. GANGLION will be indefinitely on hiatus after their one-man live "GANGLION LAST LIVE~3937~" at Shibuya CYCLONE at 2016/06/18
  3. MAH, vocalist of SiM, has announced on Twitter that he has gotten married to singer/model/actress Alisa Durbrow. Congrats to the happy couple~♥
  4. AFTERZERO new album "Order For The Heretics" will be released at 2016/04/22 (2,572yen) [track list] 01.INTRODUCTION-For The Heretics- 02.Order For The Heretics 03.Flames Of Faith 04.Funeral For Mankind 05.Push Them Otherside 06.Merciless Vengeance 07.Smash Your Face 08.Nothing To Lose 09.Apocalypse 10.Thrashing The Enemies
  5. JukaForever

    Narumi (ex Destrose, ex Disqualia) will be releasing her 1st solo album 'The SEED' EP on February 5, 2018 Previews below: The previews sounds alright, Red Rabbit sounds promising. It looks like it is gonna be an instrumental-only album though. I can't find a link for where to purchase.
  6. However its not yet known if it will be one live only But they will hold an live later this year. More info soon again. The high grip is Calmando Qual vocalist Hibiki rock'n'roll band. Which activities got on break in 2013. ---- Yeah no SW crap~ glad they decided so, and hopefully with Kenka too (*^^*)
  7. LOUDNESS has been forced to cancel their US tour when the band was denied entry to the United States on April 18. They were originally scheduled to start off the tour by appearing at Reggie's in Chicago on April 19; the venue has since broken the news of the cancellation. The venue and the band have claimed that the strict immigration policies created by the Trump administration was to blame. http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/music/ct-loudness-denied-us-entry-cancel-reggies-show-story.html http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/did-trump-new-immigration-policies-cause-cancelation-of-loudnesss-u-s-tour/
  8. 2016.06.22 RELEASE ¥3,456 (Tax in) / WPCL-12384 『Xanthium』 1. M1917 2. Hello, Mr. Judgment 3. B.A.I.B 4. Smells Like Unknown 5. ll:α→Ω:ll 6. Sketch 7. Crocus 8. She'll Never Forgive To Be Insulted. 9. Mechanical Parade 10. -Xday-(Interlude) 11. Unlostism 12. The Crow 13. Traffic Light 14. O.B.M.A(X.E.D.I.T.I.O.N) *Limited Edition only
  9. After a 10-year hiatus in the US, Puffy AmiYumi (aka Puffy) will return to the states for a new tour! "US Tour 2017 Not Lazy" will take place in 3 cities, and will also mark the duo's appearance at Anime Boston! In 2004-2006, Puffy AmiYumi were at their peak in the States when their animated series, "Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi" was a hit on Cartoon Network and helped the duo become popular among an overseas audience. Tickets are now on sale with a limited number of VIP tickets which includes: early entrance into the venue, VIP laminate, and Meet & Greet with photo op. Dates: Anime Boston – Boston DATE: Fri March 31- April 2 http://www.animeboston.com/guests/guest_info/241 April 4(Tues) OPEN 7pm / START 8pm VENUE: The Belasco Theatre (Los Angeles) Purchase tickets from: http://www1.ticketmaster.com/event/09005187D0223066?dma_id=324 April 6(Thurs) OPEN 7pm / START 8pm VENUE: The Regency Ballroom (San Francisco) Purchase tickets from: http://axs.com/events/330032/puffy-amiyumi-tickets April 9(Sun) OPEN 7pm / START 8pm VENUE: Trees (Dallas) Tickets from: https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1397034?utm_medium=bks To know that Puffy are coming back to America, and they'll be around my area, means the world to me, as they were my first Japanese band I ever listened to! I really do hope I'll be able to attend the Dallas concert! ;w;
  10. UNISON SQUARE GARDEN new album "Dr.Izzy" will be released at 2016/07/06, although details have not yet been announced
  11. 龍寺 (Ryuuji) (ex-ZORO) new unit, "WHITEHEAD" has formed & they will release their first album, "masturbation" on October 8 (limited to 100 copies, 10,000 yen (?!?!?)) (please let me know if this is correct, I'm confused) Lineup: Vo&Art.龍寺 (Ryuuji) (そろばん → ZORO → WHITEHEAD) Dr.大熊 (Ookuma) (baroque (roadie), Lover Berry → るう゛ぃえ → My Hearts Breaking Even →THE HEROES SYNDICATE → REDMAN → WHITEHEAD) Twitter: @whitehead222222 OHP Instagram
  12. LADYBEARD (formerly in LADYBABY) has teamed up with female bodybuilder Reika Saiki to form their new kawaii group, "DEADLIFT LOLITA". They will debut their first song on March 31, and they will be releasing previews during the wait on their OHP. ♥ Kawaii x Muscles x Energy! ♥
  13. Yousei Teikoku new maxi single "DISORDER" will be released at 2016.04.27 Tracklist: 1.DISORDER 2.紅き皇帝、白き世界 3.荊棘迷路 4.DISORDER (Instrumental) 5.紅き皇帝、白き世界 (Instrumental) 6.荊棘迷路 (Instrumental)
  14. 藤原さくら(Sakura Fujiwara) will release her second single, "Someday / 春の歌 (Haru no uta)" on 2017.03.29 in two types. Regular edition will include five songs (three of which are live versions), and the limited edition will include the same songs + live DVD.
  15. Snooze kei band loved by many of us Ame no Parade is already set to release their 2nd album, ironically named "Change your pops", on March 8th. Details so far: CD+DVD VIZL-1116 ¥3,500(+tax) CD only VICL-64717 ¥2,800 (+tax) Will include the following songs: - Stage - You - 1969 - Morning DVD contents and full tracklist details haven't been revealed yet. Source: http://amenoparade.com/news/
  16. Dee Lee, 2 bullet / Vanished Empire guitarist, trackmaker releases his first solo albums. Both albums will be released at 2017/01/31 for 2000yen+tax, you can get them at amazon. Also both albums will be available as digital download on Bandcamp. 4 tracks are already available on bandcamp as pre-order. All tracks are only instrumental. So no vocal. With 2 bullet and Vanished Empire Dee Lee shows us always a rich heavy sound and a beat like a massive airstrike. However with his solo project he wills how us his dark ambient side, which dominates the chill bottom of madness and despair. Demiurge: Visions of Pseudo-Universe: Inspired by cosmic-horror novels and gnosis, the album lead you to the beginning of the time, post-apocalyptic time, and the eternal return. No matter how many times Demiurge re-create the universe, this universe only can be imperfect, just like imperfect test-program. You will realize this fact through this noisy drone doom ambient. Deep Inside the Buried Hearts: Dark and atmospheric drone ambient in all of this album. Inspired Depth-psychology ,hypnotism , and especially his own deep hidden old memories. You can touch in his deep inside the abandoned mind through this album. 『Demiurge : Visions of Pseudo-Universe』 http://amzn.asia/9fwvsyo https://deelee-projekt.bandcamp.com/album/demiurge-visions-of-pseudo-universe TRACKLIST: 1. Birth of Imperfect Aeon 2. History of Disillusion 3. Cell as Catacomb 4. The Alter on Polluted Sands 5. Unlock the Gate of Doom 6. After the End of Time 7. Demiurge Redesigns the Universe 8. Visions of Pseudo-Universe 9. Rebirth of Imperfect Aeon 『Deep Inside the Buried Hearts』 http://amzn.asia/hGC9aqA https://deelee-projekt.bandcamp.com/album/deep-inside-the-buried-hearts TRACKLIST 1. Hypnos 2. Beneath the Depth 3. Other Creatures 4. Marigold (Gazing the Surface) 5. Fall Toward Disruption 6. Sweer Whispers of Thanatos 7. My Dear, Leave Me Forever. 8. Where the Dead Memories Asleep 9. As the End Repeats Dee Lee BANDCAMP http://deelee-projekt.bandcamp.com More previews at his youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/deelee2bullet/videos https://www.facebook.com/deeleeprojekt http://deelee-projekt.xyz/ https://twitter.com/deelee_2bullet
  17. 青木裕(aoki yutaka)(downy) solo new album (title not yet finalized) will be released, although details have not yet been announced
  18. XECSNOIN live-distributed single (title not yet finalized) will be released at their 15th anniversary live at Shinjuku WILD SIDE TOKYO at 2016/01/23
  19. 1/f揺ラギ(1/f yuragi) new CD (type & title not yet finalized) will be released in early 2016, although details have not yet been announced
  20. Megamasso guitarist Ryouhei's new band Migimimi sleep tight will release its first digital single (out of 2) on December November 23th. Titled Escape from Tsuki No Uragawa ZOO . Migimimi sleep tight just officially announced the start of their activities this March. The band consists of NEXTRADE vocalist Miyagawa Iren, Megamasso guitarist Ryouhei, ex-FUNKIST bassist JOTARO and the telephones drummer Matsumoto Seiji. A dance rock band, their sound is described as a mix of dreamy melodies that make people want to move and party rhythms that will draw out an explosion of emotion. 1st Digital Single タイトル:Escape from Tsuki No Uragawa ZOO 配信日:2016年11月23日(水) 収録曲:Escape from Tsuki No Uragawa ZOO 2nd Digital Single タイトル:FOLLOW U 配信日:2016年12月21日(水) 収録曲:FOLLOW U ◆ Migimimi sleep tight Official Site http://migimimi.com/ ◆ Migimimi sleep tight Official Twitter https://twitter.com/migimimi_vo
  21. haduki(ex-Irokui.) new non-visual band "Eliy" has formed "Eliy" members: Vo.リュウ(ryuu) Gt.haduki (ex-Various Ray-->Irokui.) Gt.Danny Ba.忠興(tadaoki) http://www.eliy-eliy.com/ https://twitter.com/Eliy_haduki_
  22. 陰陽座(Onmyo-za) new album "迦陵頻伽(karyoubinga)" (i.e. kalavinka) will be released in 2016, although details have not yet been announced
  23. Legendary goth band MADAME EDWARDA will release their new album "Rêve Désir" on 2015/12/25. Tracklist: -ACT I- 01. ECLIPSE ~火蜥蜴 ~ 02. DEEP IN COLOUR 03. MACBETH 04. SALOMÉ 05. LA FOLIA 06. BABEL 07. FORBIDDEN DOOR ~迷宮の扉~ 08. ORPHÉUS 09. FROZEN VEIL 10. EDWARDA 11. DEEP IN COLOUR II -ACT II- 12. ÉDITIONS de MINUIT 13. LA POUPÉE ~あなたが来るのを待てずに~ 14. TOTENKOPF ~舌のまわらぬ蓄音機~ 15. S.A.L.O.M.É. 16. POISON MIRROR ~落下の鏡~ 17. GNOSSIENNES DE LA NUIT/ETERNAL FEAST ~夜のグノシェンヌあるいは永遠の回廊~ Cover art: https://scontent-fra3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfa1/v/t1.0-9/11222235_931462186935362_845937898265052863_n.jpg?oh=3ba3ce25c6f078ab3d70f5488ec1cd10&oe=56BC8C06 wowwww
  24. It appears that Kai (Art Marju Duchain), Közi (MALICE MIZER, XA-VAT, etc) and Sadie Pink Galaxy (JUBILEE, SPEECIES, XA-VAT) have made a new project called VAMQUET. They will begin their activities in the future, but there's no specific schedule or official platform as of yet, only mentions on Közi's and Sadie's twitters. I guess it's safe to assume that they'll have a dark / gothy sound. xD
  25. Survive Said The Prophet will be releasing their new full album FIXED on October 5th. The release will come in two types: ■FIXED -LIMITED EDITION (CD+DVD) 10.05.2016 in stores / ¥2,593 (+tax) / ZTTH-026 ※Documentary of recording in America ■FIXED -NORMAL EDITION (CD) 10.05.2016 in stores / ¥2,130 (+tax) / ZTTH-027 Tracklist: 01. FRAGMENT 02. Bandaid 03. Fool's gold 04. Just so you know 05. Let it die 06. Spectrum 07. I don't care 08. FIXED 09. Tierra 10. Follow I'm really excited about this. I was worried after it sounded like they were changing guitarists but things are sounding pretty great!
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