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  1. Chi

    Frankenstein was a snoozefest. I somewhat get the message of the book but if you can't drawn me in with your book, I will just go find a book with the same message that I might find more interesting. Finished this book mostly because I wanted to see what Frankenstein is originally like. The movie that popularized it really changed everything Lol. I'm now reading Stephen King's Thinner, in a mission to read all the books I have collecting dust on my shelf. Listening to the audiobook of Sadie by Courtney Summers.
  2. Chi

    Currently reading Frankenstein for the first time lol
  3. Chi

    Galaxy J5 Prime. I like Samsung.
  4. Chi

    Finished Out by Natsuo Kirino. Liked it way less compared to Grotesque. The book kinda went downhill towards the end. Now onto Lord of the Flies^^
  5. Chi

    new PASSEPIED album is so good
  6. My spring ended up being... Sarazanmai is definitely my favorite so far. Ikuhara really knows how to blown me away with his presentation. Carole & Tuesday is up there as one of the best shows this season for me too. Demon Slayer is pretty entertaining. I dropped Fairy Gone and started Hitoribocchi. Plan to start Senryuu Shoujo and Dororo before they finish airing.. Maybe. I don't think I can catch up with Dororo. Recently I rewatched Paprika and loved it a bit more than the first time. I'm gonna watch Millenium Actress this week. Finally started watching Kizumonogatari. I've only watched Part I for now. The animation is pretty sweet but I prefer the TV series' artstyle. Once I'm done, I only have Owari (+ Ge) and Zoku left to watch! Man that took a while
  7. happy birthday tomodachi hope you're enjoying it x

    1. The Moon

      The Moon

      thank hon x

  8. Chi

    my opinions on kpop is that the stupid fans are the same you will find in VK btw this is in the wrong section
  9. Chi

    Joyland by Stephen King
  10. congrats even though he had to announce like this because people found her insta
  11. Chi

    Imagem que resume a situação do usuário em questão: Me dá atenção tia suji!
  12. Chi

    Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood
  13. my updated spring plans... I wasn't gonna watch Fairy Gone because of P.A. Works but the previews look cool enough...Still hesitant though I learned that Mix has an all new cast and it doesn't require the viewer to have watched Touch so I'm gonna be watching it now
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