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  1. ghost

    Nice collection. Jealous of that Blue Blood. I don't know if that's exactly the case. Sure, most things (if not everything) are likely recorded digitally so you lose that real analog sound (especially true for electronic music), but a lot of labels do take the care to create vinyl specific mixes so the listening experience is definitely different. I certainly have bought some records where you can tell it's a straight transfer of CD audio onto a slab of wax and those usually sound lacking in dynamics and compressed. Metal Resistance by Babymetal and Vol. 3 by Slipknot fall in this category. Those were mixed terribly to begin with though.
  2. ghost

    I THINK you can go back to re-experience events, but they changed it so you can't time travel forward to go to an event. Everything else TT-wise I don't think has been affected. Turkey Day was ok, it was cute and fun, but I liked halloween more. I also didn't play as much after October so didn't have much stuff to decorate my island with so it didn't feel as festive
  3. The more people I meet the less I want to get to know the human race ☠️ 

  4. My family doesn't really celebrate Christmas anymore. My sister and I live across the country from my parents so plane tickets always cost a good amount. Since I've moved to the east coast I think my sis and I've been back home for Christmas once in 3 years. We don't do much festivities but we do like to be together and enjoy spending time with each other (usually exploring new bakeries or cooking each other new recipes we've learned since being apart. So basically, just food haha). To that effect, we're pretty chill on the whole gift giving activity. My parents love coffee so my sister and I will probably buy them some new mugs and coffee. I honestly don't want anything. I end up buying stuff I like for myself anyways, lol. Hopefully nice! I let a lady at the post office cut in front of me this year lolol
  5. ghost

    Thank you! Yes, I think anyone can learn just about any skill with enough time and effort. Sometimes it's bitter work, but the results are always (well, mostly) worth it.
  6. ghost

    haha I've never done commissions!
  7. ghost

    @plastic_rainbow - Thanks for your kind words! It really made my day ☺
  8. ghost

    I did a music thing.
  9. ghost

    it's all confetti I'm bad at drawing feet. It was taking too long. I didn't care.
  10. ghost

    I used to be neck deep in love for vkei, pure DEG and GazettE stan. Now, these days I listen to lots of pagan folk metal or ambient music. WHAT. HAPPENED. Most people on the forum, probably:
  11. That spotify velveeta cheese ad is straight up disgusting. It's like spotify wouldn't approve the ad until it was repulsive enough to convince basic users to upgrade to premium. Well played spotify but your tricks won't work on me.

    1. anadentone


      I don't have spotify, but on a scale of teacup kittens to Gary busey how chaotic is it?

    2. ghost


      uhm.....Gary Busey inside a teacup? lol. It's just ok. It tries to throw a lot of curated recommendations at you so it's really bloated. Works well enough for making playlists, but it's somewhat user hostile. For example, on their mobile app you can only play music on shuffle. And they throw in random songs in the queue. 


      It does have a lot of stuff I listen to though and it's pretty good for finding similar artists.  I'll use it for discovering new k-indie.

      The worst part is the ads which are all insufferable.

  12. ghost

    It takes time to build that trust. I wanna think that it gets easier as you get older and as we all mature, but so far that hasn't been my experience 😂 I think that was the right call haha. Insta is a great place to meet friends. People on there are chill. Haha well I guess we're lucky to have the internet. I can't imagine being in like the 70's and being the only kid in your neighborhood that likes metal and never being able to talk about it with anyone 😬
  13. ghost

    What were there like 10 copies of that Vulgar LP? I'd be surprised if it actually sounded good tbh. Hard to imagine the band would front the money to properly master that for vinyl for a giveaway. Would love to see it get a proper pressing someday though.
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