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  1. Ro plz

    Ey my nigga. J yet because MH is closing, don’t think I ain’t forget about you giving me a warning because of “white supremacy” @CAT5 I will always laugh at this. But Ive had the pleasure of talking to a lot of you guys over the years. Some of which I’ve reconnected with since Fukkatsu such as @WhirlingBlackand @EzraEroguro. I remember talking to @Biopanda , Val, and some other folk in the Skype chat till the wee hours of the morning. I remember having the biggest crush on @allisapp for awhile. Meeting @Zeus’s soft spoken and cool ass last year will always be one of my highlights. I remember cracking up at @Jigsaw9’s puns. Man so many memories to bring up...and I’m starting to tear up. Even the not so great times here I’ll cherish to en extent. @blackdoll you are a trip. But passionate. @nekkichi, even after the back and fourth me and you have had, I’ve come to warm up to your persona. @LestatI apologize for lashing out at you the way I did back in the day. You were cool to chat with on regular basis. And I hope you’re well. Rest of you, I enjoyed the convos and and music we’ve shared! I’ve become more privy to hella bands and stuck around this scene much longer than I intended to because of this place. I can’t wait to eventually chat with you guys more in our new home! Mods/admins: Thanks for holding shit down! I’ve watched Batsu and Fukkatsu fold into itself due to lack of proper leadership. Things weren’t always perfect here either but y’all put your best foot forward when it was time to and shit got better. It’s sad that MH is ending but this is honestly the best way it could go out. A lot of that is due to you guys. Idk how many of y’all are transferring over but just in case some of y’all don’t, your services were greatly appreciated!
  2. Perks of being a pretentious super group tbh....
  3. Ro plz

    Wishing him luck and plenty of rest!
  5. LYNCH's ULTIMA is still album of the year. 

  6. Releasing singles>>>>>>> Dropping a bloated album full of MID. Yeah No, and correct me if i'm wrong LIME is totally against recording a full length. And That's the best play possible for ANY band tbh. Also, Kizu needs to embrace whats happening around them. Niggas is streaming left and right. If they dont wanna stream, record a set and put it up for a nice price via VOD. There's a lot of people who are still coming to terms with this and it doesn't help that theres no real set plan on getting the world back on track. So on the other hand, i can see why they're kind of being wishy washy. They'll be ight. I hope they don't disband.
  7. Ro plz

    They did. And I hope their upcoming performance setlist is more jazzed up. I’m not interested in hearing TIW material anymore especially since i just saw most of the album live last year. And earlier this year with that rando live stream....
  8. Ro plz

    There’s bands that really do their best to have remakes sounds good. I know SADIE gets a bad rap on here but they really knocked it out the park with BLEACH. The production and overall composition of those older songs are ridiculously crisp. Dir en grey’s The UNRAVELING is another example of it being well done too. Full on Re-recordings, 9/10 times I wonder why bands even bother. I prefer they do a really stellar modern performance of said old song. There’s an ambiance from that live setting that often doesn’t translate well in the studio. Example: The GazettE has shown recently that they know how to bring new life to old songs. They had no business putting out that bullshit that was Traces Vol 2. They could’ve easily threw those old songs on a set and performed their asses of on em...which i Hope they do soon.
  9. Ro plz

  10. Ro plz

    I miss Batsu.
  11. I’m side eyeing anyone Who dares complain about Fukai. I feel like this was the one time the band listened to us in terms of what we wanted for a remake. It’s damn near perfect. And as for the statement that they won’t play the older version of Hydra. If the MODE of versions should taught us anything, its that possibility is always there. Lets not forget that Tsumi to Batsu was played during that tour. UNDECIDED Original was played during that tour. OLD MACABRE was played. I Heavily agree with @Tokage’s statement That those old versions are too VK. They stand out like a sore thumb compared to what the band has evolved to so the updated versions are “needed.” But if the situation fits, they’ll def pull those oldies out the hat.
  12. Celebrate Empty Howls, and Devote my life were two of my lows from that NY show. I get that the goal was to play the whole album but I would’ve preferred another live staple like Grief or something to take those slots. As for the a live album... They’ve played the entirety of TIW already and I’m sure they have recordings in the tuck. But at the same time, most of that album now has live performances on DVD now. They’re better off slapping those remaining performances on another single DVD. The DSS BUDOKAN live suffered a lot because we were OVER exposed to almost 99 percent of that setlist with the preceding DVDs. I can’t see a TIW live album being received well after so many of us JUST seen those songs live. And getting a lot of em on the past few DVDS.
  13. The new CLEVER SLEAZOID sounds a raw ass demo. Im getting DOZING GREEN BC vibes from this. Its of cool that this will be taking the place of the original during lives. I still prefer the original but this is ballin.
  14. Meh. That was really underwhelming...
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