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  1. allisapp

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/pallisappinen IGN: sappnh Discord: Ssshappy#1007
  2. allisapp

    I swear I felt my heart breaking when I read about this site's time to be buried. While I haven't been active here for years now, so freaking many of you will always have a special place in my heart. While I must admit that I have forgotten so many names, I still remember all IRL meetings, good ol' MSN and Skype chats and all the amusing drama. I have lost so many nights of sleeping when I have had much nicer time chatting with you all, or browsing threads. Even after years I still automatically click the bookmark of this site at least once a month, and it always makes me smile to see so many familiar names. I have gained so many IRL and online, even Facebook friends, even got my first relationship out of this site. 😅 As I said, I have pretty shitty memory so I don't remember names, but I'd like to think that everyone who matters to me, and has helped me with problems and even growing up, you know who you are. I love you all so goddamn much, and I sincerely hope we will stay in contact at least once in a while. And if we happen to come across each other IRL, let's smile and remember all of the lovely happenings we have had all these years. ... Okay, a short shoutout to: @WhirlingBlack, @Karma’s Hat(wtf happened to Disposable duuuuude), @Ro plz, @Jigsaw9, @Biopanda, Val, @CAT5, @paradoxal, pretsy and Craig. There's more of you, but here's a start. See you all ❤️ (DAMMIT, I never hit the 1k msgs that I have been meaning to do for years. I guess time runs out for everything unless it's my grandma, she's a tough lady.)
  3. allisapp

    I am fairly sure I have had this same pfp since TW became MH. Tatsurou from MUCC
  4. Okay everyone, hit me up with the greatest VK songs in 2016-2019, I am ready. 

  5. allisapp

    Just upping this in case people have come across FGO and play it now or just are interested in starting. I am still *very* active, even after two years of daily playing. Come to the dark side everyone, there's gacha.
  6. allisapp

    Logged in for the first time in like a year and HELLO kittycat, looking cool like always!
  7. Happy birthday, allisapp! Have a good day. :rock:

    1. allisapp


      Thank you!! :D

  8. allisapp

    I am definitely going to see them in autumn. To Helsinki it is!
  9. allisapp

    I sent you a request! :D I am on my 5th day of playing (on JP server), so any support help is <3.
  10. allisapp

    Started playing on FGO's JP server as well. Can't.stop.playing. I feel like I am even having dreams of FGO. Is this what addiction feels like?
  11. allisapp

    I got a job~! Now I have to start practising swedish way more Even though it has gotten lot better in just two months. (I will work in a hotel, where I have to speak in three langauges. If I was brave enough, I would try to learn japanese hotel vocabularly but my boyfriend keeps telling me not to and refuses to teach some stuff because he would want me to speak keigo.)
  12. allisapp

    Hehee, I got Jack on my first summon! Let me tell you that my boyfriend was definitely not jealous... :"D Anyways, I added you!
  13. allisapp

    I wish the Christmas event had continued in the American version. At least Japanese version has it now :"D Current line-up:
  14. allisapp

    Effects can be completely different with everyone. As for me it has gotten my life a lot easier! :"D Pretty much no pain at all, shark week has lessened to (at most) three days, no mood swings etc. Plus nowaways I use pills so that shark week happens only six times/year. You will notice the lasting affects after about a year of using, the first three months at least might show stuff that may not stick with the rest of time. Like I said, it's different for everyone. All I can say that try using this specific pill for ~3 months or more before you try changing it to other one. Different pills might have different affects. Affect... Effect :x
  15. allisapp

    After just a couple of days I feel like I am a bit addicted to Fate/Grand Order. And to Castle Cats!!!
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